3 Ways to Wear a Scarf

3 Ways to Wear a Scarf
3 Ways to Wear a Scarf

On a cold wintry day, it is indeed nice to wear a comfy sweater and wrap a cozy scarf around the neck on account of the chilly weather. One will feel warm and well protected against the winter. Winter can be harsh and it is important to take care of one’s health. It is better to avoid the cold weather as coughs and colds can cause much discomfort.
It is interesting to know more about the three most classic ways to tie one’s scarf.


There are no doubt several ways to wear a scarf. A person may prefer to style a square neck scarf–that method is right over here!)

3 Ways to Wear a Scarf

1. The classic wrap:

This is quite easy to wear style. All a person has to do is drape it over one’s neck, and wrap one end around the neck once. Re-adjust so it is rather centered and both “tails” are hanging symmetrically.

2. The “loop & knot” method:

This is good for a very wintry day. In personal experience, this happens to be the warmest way to tie one’s scarf, because it happens to be so tight and snug to one’s skin that does not let any cold air in. This is one of the scarf styles, how to wear a scarf.

Step #1:

To begin, fold the scarf in half so that the folded portion is at one end and two loose ends are together at the other end.

Step #2:

Then, thread ONE of the loose ends through the loop. One may have a “threaded” tail and one “free” tail.

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Step #3:

Then, tie both “tails” together, thus creating a “tie the knot” look. Depending on the material of the scarf, this might be sufficient to keep it in place. Or, perhaps one may need to tie it once more to keep in place and thus go in for a double knot. Scarf styles, how to wear a scarf does need to be considered during winter.

3. The Effortless Shoulder Drape:

One feels super chic in this style.
The scarf is beautifully draped around one’s shoulder.
Scarf styles, how to wear a scarf does matter for a person who is keen to protect oneself from cold wintry winds.
A person can go in for high-quality scarfs and select one that suits the taste and style on an individual basis.
Stylish look with the scarf on can do wonders to a person’s overall personality. Even in winters, a person likes to dress up in style and even scarfs do matter. The way it is worn does make a person look smart.
A scarf has to be worn in a particular manner for it to heighten one’s overall look and get-up. Both women and men can wear these stylish scarfs according to their preferred choices. Looks do matter and the way a person dresses up also does matter.

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