Causes and home Remedies for Burning Tongue

Home Remedies for Burning Tongue

A burning sensation on the tongue is a continuous process in each corner of the tongue. For this condition, there are two medical words, glossodynia, and glossopyrosis. There are no noticeable signs. If the burning is also being on lips, soft & hard palate of the mouth, gums, inner cheeks, etc. then it has named as the burning mouth syndrome. The patient had burning tongue can or can’t have decreased or changed the taste. Below explained are Causes and home Remedies for Burning Tongue.

Burning tongue can have caused by the problem with the nerves providing to the tongue or by reduced amount of blood to the tongue. Fortunately, most of the patients with this burning tongue will not experience any alterations in taste.

Causes of the burning sensation on the tongue:

  1. Hormonal abnormality and deficiency
  2. Foods that are spicy or too oily
  3. Thyroid problems
  4. Food allergies
  5. Dry mouth such as xerostomia
  6. Menopause
  7. Oral candida such as the oral yeast
  8. Diabetes
  9. Blood abnormalities such as dyscrasias & anemia
  10. Nutritional deficiencies particularly vitamin B-12, iron, niacin, or folic acid
  11. Some medications consumption like diuretics, some blood pressure meds, oral diabetic meds
  12. Allergies such as foods, Geographic tongue, mouthwashes, toothpaste, chewing gums
  13. Dental problems
  14. Gastric acid reflux
  15. Chronic infections
  16. Lingual nerve damage
  17. Psychological causes like depression
  18. Noxious oral practices such as scalloped tongue, tongue biting
  19. Oral cancer
  20. Tobacco usage
  21. Inflammatory disorders

Home Remedies for Burning TongueHome Remedies for Burning Tongue

Chewing Sugar-free gum

One of the best home remedies for the burning tongue is to chew sugar-free gum, which soothes the burning sensation on the tongue.

Brushing with Baking soda

For the nonce, begin to practice the baking soda for brushing and cleaning the teeth and avoid brushing by using toothpaste. It is one among the best-burning tongue treatment.

The most significant thing is avoiding spicy & hot food till you are completely burning tongue cure. These foods hurt the tongue & also burn the tongue more advancing the case worse.

Diet for Burning Tongue

The person who is suffering from burning sensation on the tongue, they should try to combine iron-rich food in the routine diet.

Vitamin B complex

One should daily consume adequate vitamin B complex. It can be taken in the form of pills or capsules or the form of fruits and vegetables, that are the rich source of the vitamin. It is also the burning tongue home remedy.

One of the excellent home remedies for the burning tongue is rinsing with the decoction made from the Ayurvedic herbs called ‘Triphala prevent hairfall.’ It is said to be calming for the tongue.

The greatest home remedies for the burning tongue is using the decoction prepared with Babool which is an Ayurvedic herb that will not only make you relieve the symptoms of burning but it also has properties of decreasing the inflammation.

Ice cube for burning tongue:

One of the ancient home remedies for the burning tongue is putting an ice-cube in the mouth. It will provide temporary relief from the burning sensation on the tongue.

Drink lots of water

One should have the body hydrated. For this, taking lots of water or healthy beverages all the time would be a better idea. Keep in mind that dry tongue burns more. It is one of the natural remedies for calming the burning tongue.

Glycerine for burning tongue

Some of the naturopaths recommend that to set glycerin on the tongue might aid in many cases. It is one of the efficient burning tongue treatment.


Ayurvedic experts recommend therapies called ‘Kavala’ & ‘Gandusha’ that will assist decreasing inflammation in the mouth particularly inflamed and burning the tongue. It is one of the natural remedies for burning tongue.

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