Cataract- An eye disorder

Cataract- An eye disorder

Cataract- an eye disorder caused due to clouding of the lens. This clouding of lens is very slow and forms gradually due to this it is difficult to know the signs and symptoms. Due to clouding of lens the light rays cannot pass through and cannot focus on retina, if rays are not focused than there is no image formation in the brain and thus visual perception is partially or completely lost.

Cataract is an age related disorder. It occurs mostly in elder people of age above 50years. It is also seen in newly born kids and children called as congenital cataract, the reason for this is still unclear, but researchers observed that it is due to gene defect.

People with diabetes are more prone to cataract problem and about 10% cataract cases are from diabetic people.

Signs and symptomsCongenital Cataract

  • Decreased vision quality
  • Blurred vision with dots
  • Sensitive to bright light and glare
  • Colours appearing faded and washed away


Cataract can be diagnosed by an ophthalmologist by a dilated eye exam.


Cataract is an age related problem and there is no way to escape it or prevent it. But some general eye care must be taken to slow down the process or avoid any other problems. The following are few

  • Wash eyes with clean water
  • Avoid too much stress on eyes by watching television or laptop
  • Avoid direct sun contact, use shades if necessary
  • Close whenever eyes are in pain or need rest for a moment
  • Check up with ophthalmologist regularly
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking cigarette
  • Have rich sources of vitamin A foods like fresh fruits and vegetables


Cataract can be easily treated by surgery; there is no medication for cataract. Surgery is very simple and easy. The cloudy natural lens is removed and replaced by an artificial lens by giving local anesthesia.

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