Can beauty generate happiness?

Can beauty generate happiness?

Beauty has been admired for centuries down the line. Women have always tried their best to look beautiful. Men all over admire beautiful women.
Beauty is very appealing to the eye and a person likes to be in the midst of beautiful things. It is soothing in nature and relaxes the mind. If the mind is relaxed then the body functions well no doubt. No doubt, beauty, natural beauty, feeling happy are much experienced by those who feel and look good.

Paintings are beautiful and can make a person happy. Oil paintings of water lilies in the garden can be very appealing. Hotel and hospitals have beautiful gardens as flowers and natural beauty are therapeutic and people love to be surrounded by beautiful things. Beauty does make a person happy as people smile when they see a beautiful person.

A country home painting is worth looking at. While having afternoon tea one would like to look at a silver teapot, a glass, and a bowl of fruit on the table. A child sitting in a mother’s lap can also appeal to the eye. People, on the whole, admire the beauty. Beauty, natural beauty, feeling happy are feelings that people usually are in search of.

A woman in a white dress or a multicolored dress can draw much attention. Brides look gorgeous in their beautiful bridal dress and make-up. A sunny afternoon or mid-morning can make occasions feel good. The warm sunshine and beautiful flowers and birds chirping enhance natural surroundings and anybody would love walking in such an enthralling environment.


Can beauty generate happiness?
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Beauty brings forth nature in its splendor such as special places that include parks and museums, galleries and exotic cities. One makes constant effort to find beauty in everything. In fact, often men go for beautiful women. It generates happiness and much pleasure.

People feel a sense of happiness while living in an aesthetically beautiful city for example Athens. They love being surrounded by lovely architecture, history, green spaces, cobblestone streets. The cumulative positive effects of daily beauty do work subtly but strongly.

Most people enjoy theater, ballet, or a concert as beauty is portrayed at its best. They also like visiting a museum or an art exhibit; and while doing an artistic activity (e.g. painting, fiction writing, sewing). Even sexually intimate moments could be argued to be rooted in beauty: Presumably, people think their partners are beautiful.

Humans do appreciate beauty for the sake of beauty as it generates the feelings associated with happiness: calmness, a connection to history or the divine, wealth, time for reflection as well as appreciation. Beauty, natural beauty, feeling happy are qualities that generate happiness in a person.

Windows, doors, floors, ceilings, as well as seats, the cathedral does help people to relax and reflect with its beautiful domes and magnificent architecture. People who are stressed out find peace and tranquility in such places. The environment does make a difference and that too beautiful environment which will ensure good health.

There is a connection between happiness and beauty. From times immemorial people of various civilizations admired beauty, be it women, jewelry or simply gardens. Beauty generates happiness. People spend money on possessing beautiful things and marrying beautiful women was considered to be a status symbol.

People’s physical beauty help dating and is often a path to economic success. Beauty often does start with something small.

Beauty builds self-confidence in a person. A woman feels good if her appearance is nice and she wears nice clothes. She decorates herself with beautiful things to look good and that makes her happy. Here you can read also 5 reasons why flowers make women happy.

Beauty generates a better social life and an attractive personality improves relationships. Beauty in thought and mind also matters and is worth thinking positively or visualizing beautiful things in order to relax. A person with a better appearance is happier than those who are no good to look at as they draw much attention in their personal as well as professional life.


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