DIY Homemade Bentonite Clay Mask Recipe

DIY Homemade Bentonite Clay Mask

Although Bentonite clay has been widely forgotten in recent times, this magic clay is full of minerals comprising silica, magnesium, iron, sodium, potassium, calcium, various nutrients & is very efficient & beneficial for skin irrespective of your age. This, therefore called healing clay, has practiced in ancient cultures throughout history to expel out the toxins from your skin. Read about DIY Homemade Bentonite Clay Mask.

What is great regarding bentonite clay face mask is it pulls out toxins from your skin, tightens your skin pores, prevents the acne breakouts, and makes the skin smooth and soft. Furthermore, it acts as an exfoliator & supports removing marks or discoloration of your skin. In recent times, this healing clay is increasing popularity & with good reasons.

Benefits of Bentonite Clay Mask

There are various benefits of using bentonite clay on skin. Here are the most unbelievable benefits that you can get by using DIY Homemade bentonite clay mask Recipe:

(i) Pulls out the toxins from your skin

(ii) Does deep pore cleaning

(iii) Heals & renews skin tissues

(iv) Cure acne (avoids acne breakouts & helpful in clearing acne)

(v) Prevents blackheads

(vi) Unclogs & tightens your skin pores

(vii) Efficient natural exfoliator

(viii) Evens out skin tone

(ix) Decreases appearance of spots & scars

(x) Makes skin soft and smooth

(xi) Makes the skin glowing

How To Prepare A Bentonite Clay Mask


(i) bentonite clay – 1 teaspoon

(ii) water or apple cider vinegar – 1 teaspoon

Natural Beauty Tip: One can apply either of water or apple cider vinegar (ACV) as a liquid for forming the mask. The ACV does the mask slightly more potent / harsh on skin, hence if you have sensitive skin you should apply water.

(iii) A cup or bowl & a spoon to stir. Make it certainly they are not formed of metal.

Caution: Do not enable healing clays, before-mentioned as bentonite to come in communication with any metal, as this will decrease their effectiveness.

DIY Homemade Bentonite Clay MaskMethod:

(i) Take bentonite clay powder & water or ACV in similar portions & place it into the bowl or cup. Do not practice anything metal, because metal will decrease the effectiveness of the bentonite clay.

(ii) Stir the 2 components well to form the smooth paste of aspired consistency. Combine a little more clay or a small more liquid, to make a consistency that will quickly spread on the face.

(iii) Use a thin layer of the bentonite clay mask on face. You can like further to spread it down to the neck & upper chest. You can use the fingers, yet a face mask brush, the cotton ball or cosmetic sponge including works excellent. There can be clumps in the mix; avoid them and apply the mixed ingredients. Make it certain to not use a thick coat, as you will require having chance to dry, therefore keep it thin!

(iv) For healthy skin allow it dry, or till you really cannot remove the face as the mask has completely hardened. For delicate skin, allow it dry for 5 to 10 minutes. Bentonite clay works like a sponge when it is wet – it develops. Because it dries, it contracts & you will feel the pulling & tightening feeling. Feel the face pulsating and being absorbed off by the clay. This means – the clay is hauling out toxins, dirt, oils, & any other junk from the pores whilst it dries!

(v) Rinse off the mask with warm water. You can have to lightly scrub a little with the fingers to eliminate it. Or you may apply warm water & a washcloth smoothly to get it off.

(vi) After you clean the mask off, the skin can look slightly red, that is normal & will disappear in approximately 30 minutes. Do not panic! As everything in your pores was picked out, therefore your face is a bit raw & blood flow to the face has also developed for some time.

(vii) If required, clean the face with a mild cleanser & moisturizer.

(viii) Use it once a week. You can use it more frequently for problem skin.

Warning: Stop if rashes appear.

Three More Important Bentonite Masks For Skin

Here are 3 natural elements that when mixed with bentonite clay make excellent healing clay masks:

(i) Tea Tree Essential Oil: Enough to its antiseptic properties, it is the perfect option to be applied for everything from healing acne to dandruff.

(ii) Oats: It has anti-inflammatory qualities & saponins, the cleaning agent. It suits all skin kinds, even delicate skin.

(iii) Honey: It includes antibacterial & antioxidant properties & therefore a good option for nourishing skin, combatting acne, & giving the glow to your skin. It also promotes the opening of the skin pores.

(iv) Yogurt: It including lactic acid that aids in exfoliating skin & tightening pores. It further has antibacterial & antifungal properties that are helpful in preventing blemishes.


1. Tea Tree & Bentonite Clay Mask For Acne:

(i) Take one teaspoon every of bentonite clay, ground oats, water, & three drops of tree essential oil.

(ii) Combine the bentonite clay & oats in the small bowl. Learn never to use the metal bowl while working with bentonite clay. Stir in sufficient water to form a spreadable paste. Combine in 3 drops of tea tree oil & stir with the non-metal spoon. Use the mask on the face & allow it dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Use the warm water & a washcloth to eliminate the mask smoothly.

Tip: Practice spice grinder, blender, or food processor to crush oats till they are coarse & flour-like.

2. Honey & Bentonite Clay Mask For Acne:

(i) Take one tsp every of bentonite clay, Water, & raw honey.

(ii) Stir well the bentonite clay, water, and honey in the small non-metal bowl. Mix the dough completely with the non-metal spoon. Do not practice anything metal. Use to the face and allow it dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Apply warm water & a washcloth to exclude the mask gently.

3. Calming Bentonite Clay & Yogurt Mask:

(i) Take 1 tbsp every of bentonite clay & plain, unflavored yogurt.

(ii) Stir well the bentonite clay & yogurt in the small non-metal bowl. Stir the mix completely with a non-metal spoon. Do not practice anything metal. Apply to the face & allow it dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Use warm water & the washcloth to eliminate the mask smoothly.

Natural Beauty Tip: In fact, you have delicate skin, apply the thinner layer of the face mask & leave it for the shorter time. Then one may improve the time & frequency slowly, depending on how the skin feels.

The bentonite clay for your skin masks is super cool! The skin pores actually get vacuum-cleaned out by this clay. would not you want to try them?

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