Beware of Your Toothbrush Can Kill You

Beware of Your Toothbrush Can Kill You

Beware of Your Toothbrush Can Kill You

Observe your toothbrush can cause the death…. According to the new research, it is stated that toothbrushes can serve as the vector for transmission of potentially pathogenic organisms. It is much more unhealthy when you are using the shared bathroom as the brush would carry the germs and bacteria of another being.

Researchers have found support of transmission of fecal coliform bacteria in communal bathrooms. The study shows there is a lot of concern when the toothbrush is contaminated with fecal matter from someone else, which contains bacteria, viruses or parasites that are not part of the normal flora.

If you are storing the toothbrush near the toilet, you are more prone to developing major diseases apart from the gum problems & other oral health problems. On the other hand, the study also shows that covering the toothbrush doesn’t help either since it still carries fecal germs.

Take a look at the diseases your toothbrush gives you:

Beware of Your Toothbrush Can Kill YouHow To Keep The Toothbrush Healthy & Clean?

After brushing the teeth, wash the brush with warm water & store it in a dry place. Avoid storing the toothbrush in the toilet.

If someone in the family is sick, store the brush separately. It is also sensible to use the different tube of paste to prevent spreading germs to other toothbrushes.

Cold & Flu

Common colds can be spread easily to another healthy person if the toothbrushes are stored closely to each other. Keep the infected person’s brush away from the non-infected person.

Common Cough

Germs are easily spread when one has the cough. The air borne virus is transmitted on brush & therefore instigates more diseases.

Blood Borne Disease

Did you know that even the blood-borne disease such as Hepatitis B or C can be spread by placing your toothbrush next to the infected person’s This is one of the many diseases the toothbrush gives you.


When the toothbrush is dirty, it may also pass bacteria or virus particles to the edge of a toothpaste tube and then on to another toothbrush. This is scientifically proven.

Wet Toothbrush

Never use a toothbrush that is wet. The fungi grown in that short span of time will infect your gum thus, leading to gum diseases and other health issues.

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