Best Direction to Sleep – Sleeping Positions

Best Direction to Sleep – Sleeping Positions

Sleeping position direction guidelines are given by Vastu and these need to be followed for good sleep. The best sleeping potion determines overall prosperity and health.

The sleep disorder can be bothersome to many people. It is worth looking into Vastu to eliminate such sleep disorders. Sleeping position direction is important based upon Vastu shastra.

Why Sleep is Important?

Sound, comfortable as well as timely sleep, apart from food, water, and of course shelter is most essential for a healthy life.

Sleep helps the body to recuperate.

It is for this reason that doctors give medicines and advise proper sleep in case a person is ill. The best sleeping position is what is preferred by most people as good sleep is necessary for maintaining good health.

Sleep deprivation causes ill health and the brain loses its understanding as well as analyzing power quickly.

With his analyzing power losing its sharpness, the person ends up taking the wrong decisions.

A very good, sound as well as timely sleep does enhance energy and thus permits us to carry out daily chores efficiently and proficiently.

Yet, there are certain questions related to sleep as sleeping position direction is important such as:

1.   Can a person sleep in any direction?

2.   Can the person sleep anywhere in a home?

3.   How an ideal sleeping room or bedroom should be?

Here Vastu shastra comes into play.

Vastu shastra is indicated as happy and contented living.

Vastu does provide required guidelines and tips for issues related to human life.

As is known generally energies, both positive as well as negative are always prevalent around in a person’s environment, whether he likes it or not.

Also, we constantly receive and radiate energy; hence it is crucial to sleep in a place with positive and harmonious energy to have sound and comfortable sleep.

Vastu sleeping directions are useful guidelines and tips to sleep in a manner that people following them receive favorable energies and reject unfavorable ones. Best sleeping positions are highlighted by Vastu which need to be followed for proper sleep. 

The most pleasant area that people find sleeping comfortably in the bedroom.

Thus the bedroom in a person’s home needs to be as per Vastu shastra.

What are Vastu tips for bedroom?

As per Vastu, a person is free to sleep with his or her head in any direction except of course the north.

It is felt that sleeping with head in different directions has indeed different effects on one’s sleep quality of people.

Best Direction to Sleep – Sleeping Positions

How do different directions impact sleep and lifestyle?

The best directions to sleep as per Vastu:

Head in North:

Sleeping with one’s head in the North direction is not really recommended by Vastu shastra.

In fact, as per Vastu, it is necessary to never keep his head in the North while sleeping.

Only it is understood a dead body’s head is kept towards the North direction.

If a person sleeps in this position then he/she does face major sickness and also remains sleep deprived.

Head in South: 

As per sleeping direction Vastu, this is happening to be the best direction to keep one’s head.

Sleeping with head towards South direction does increases wealth, happiness as well as prosperity.

Also, the quality of a person’s sleep is no doubt best when sleeping in this particular position.

Head in East: 

Sleeping with one’s head in the East direction does increase memory, concentration, good health, and inclination towards spirituality.

Students, as per Vastu Shastra, must rather sleep with their head in the East direction in order to increase memory, retention power of the brain as well as concentration.

Head in West:

As per Vastu, sleeping in the west is considered to be a favorable direction.

Sleeping with head in West means name, fame, reputation, and prosperity.

Thus it is worth following simple and no doubt very effective Vastu tips for sleeping and thus be able to get rid of any sleep disorders.

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