Benefits Of Hot Tea In Summer

Benefits Of Hot Tea In Summer

Indians have the habit of drinking hot tea in the summer. Is it healthy? Well, in a way, it cools down the system indirectly. There are may varieties of tea; Health Benefits of Green Tea, black tea, herbal tea and so on. And we all know that there are certain health benefits too.

If you wish to consume the ginger tea in summer to enjoy health benefits but are worrying about the heat, then you can put aside the worries and go ahead. Many recent studies have proved that the drinking hot tea during the summer is not dangerous when done in moderation. On the other hand, they maintain that tea can cool down the system in hot climates apart from offering the several health benefits. As tea contains caffeine, consuming it in excess quantities is not healthy. But here we see few Benefits Of Hot Tea In Summer

Cools Down Your System

A recent study maintains that the body cools down the bit after a person consumes hot tea in the summer. Even Though this fact surprises us, tea cools down the system.

Benefits Of Hot Tea In SummerHot Tea Vs, Ice Tea

A study conducted in the UK revealed that though ice tea brings down body temperatures, a cup of the hot tea comparatively cools down the body in a dramatic way.

How It Cools Down

Research suggests that the caffeine present in tea might be the reason for cooling down. As it makes you sweat, your system might cool down a bit when you consume hot tea in the hot weather.

Internal Cooling System

A cup of tea can activate your body natural cooling system. The reason behind this is that when your body feels hot, the internal cooling system starts trying to cool it down. Hot tea does job of triggering those cooling systems.


Some of the people report that their thirst gets quenched after a cup of tea in the summer whereas others say that they feel thirsty after a tea. As there are many other factors like dehydration and the type of tea you are consuming, experts have not yet concluded whether tea can be thirst quenching for everybody.


Tea can secrete saliva. It produces more saliva in the mouth might be because of the pectin, amino acids and sugar content in it. This way, it can hydrate your mouth.

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