Benefits of Cycling For People with Diabetes

Benefits of Cycling For People with Diabetes

The benefits of cycling for diabetes are very useful and it is obvious that cycling is better for diabetics undoubtedly. Even elders can opt for cycling to control or prevent diabetes.

Glycaemia happens to be the keystone around which most diabetic cases revolve. The term hyperglycemia is also made use of. The blood and urine of patients do have a sweet taste. Usually, older people suffer from it but even youngsters can develop it. For older patients benefits of cycling for diabetes are manifold.

What there is to know about diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes, erroneously known in the past as ‘juvenile diabetes, is a not too rare form of diabetes that appears in the initial stage of one’s life (between 2 to 25 years). It happens to be an autoimmune disease: the immune system does quickly destroys the beta cells that produce insulin, a hormone that is essential for the body as it regulates the amount of glucose in the blood thus avoiding the phenomenon of high blood sugar. This disease is in fact irreversible, so the patient diagnosed with type 1 diabetes will necessarily have to take insulin daily and for life. It is genetic also and due to environmental factors. Symptoms of type 1 diabetes include abundant as well as frequent urine, thirst as well as excessive hunger, sudden and unmotivated slimming.

Type 2 diabetes in most cases does not involve insulin therapy, but only a balanced diet as well as exercise. The basic cure for Type 2 diabetes happens to be a balanced diet, low in fat but without excluding bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and fruit. Physical activity helps control it as it promotes the consumption of glucose in the muscles and also helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels. In fact, several studies have shown that sport, proper nutrition, and frequent control of blood glucose could lead to a drastic decrease – up to 40% – of cases of diabetes. It is well accepted that cycling is better for diabetics is very beneficial.

Cycling for Diabetic Elders

Constant physical activity which has been corroborated by several types of research does help maintain glucose levels In fact the popular sport recommended for those suffering from diabetes has indeed proved to be cycling, as it happens to be an aerobic activity, of a repetitive as well as constant nature. The bike helps the patient to work against this disease as it does activate 70% of the muscle mass, positioned in the lower limbs. Cycling does also have the advantage of being a non-traumatic sport, with faster muscle recovery times, and does offer the opportunity to travel significantly longer distances than other disciplines.

Benefits of Cycling For People with Diabetes

Lifestyle and physical activity as well as proper nutrition do matter a lot as far as a diabetic is concerned. Cycling workouts does help prevent diabetes. In fact, cycling does reduce the risk of getting diagnosed with diabetes, and the more a person pedals, the further away the person gets away from the disease, with positive effects that indeed obtained even while starting at a late age, like after 50 years. Studies do indicate that those who start cycling late (on average) do face a 20% reduction in the risk of diabetes. The beneficial effects of two-wheelers do emerge independently of other factors along with nutrition as well as weight problems.

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A study that has been published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise does highlight that cycling at a moderate pace for an hour does allow overweight people with diabetes and bring down their blood sugar levels to half within a span of 24 hours. Even cycling faster for about only half an hour can indeed reduce levels for an entire day, It is also possible to cycle indoors making use of an indoor exercise bike the benefit is indeed the.

Thus, it is obvious that the benefits of cycling for diabetes are worth looking into.

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