Avoid Smelly Feet This Summer


Summertime one sweats a lot and one has tSummertimeat bad odor does not prevent people from associating with you. Even feet matter too and the selection of socks are very important. The material of these socks is important as preference must be given to cotton rather than any other forms of material.

When we sweat we smell and we need to make sure that our parts of body do not smell. Our feet are in our shoes most of the time and we have to make sure that since they lack air they must not sweat and smell.

Here are a few suggestions that can ensure that one’s feet stay in good shape and do not emanate foul smell during summer time:

Simple Tips To Avoid Smelly Summer Feet

1. Grab Those Tea Bags

As one prepares one’s daily cup of tea, one should grab a few tea bags for one’s feet. Tea bags have a natural antibiotic and also have the ability to reduce the pores, which will indeed make one’s feet sweat less. One has to place two black tea bags in one pint of boiling water and once the water is boiled, then one must add about two quarts of rather cold water and then try to place one’s feet in the bowl of water for about 30 minutes.

This technique helps to avoid smelly feet which can be irritating in summer.

2. Salt Cures Everything

It is dificult to visit the ocean in summer all the time to soak one’s smelly feet in salt water. Rather than do that, it is better to soak one’s feet in kosher salt and warm water which have been placed in a bowl of water. Salt is in deed a powerful mineral that does get rid of moisture from one’s skin and also reduces the amount of bacteria on one’s feet. One must soak one’s feet for about 20 minutes in one’s salty mixture everyday for about two weeks and thus avoid smelly feet odour.

Simple Tips To Avoid Smelly Summer Feet

3. Vinegar Is For More Than Just Cooking

It is good to soak one’s feet in a mixture of one part apple cider vinegar and two parts of water for about 15 minutes twice a day. Vinegar does allow to reduce bacteria and has also a drying effect to get rid of stinky smells.

4. Powder For Absorption

Whether it be baby powder or for that matter baking soda, powders are indeed simple and non-expensive way to absorb wetness. For maximum freshness, one has to either sprinkle the powder in one’s shoes or rub on one’s feet.

5. Have The Right Gear

In case you are planning to purchase skcks fior the summer think of ourchasing cotton socks. Cotton socks will allow one’s foot to breathe. it is better to keep away from nylon and synthetic socks as moisture can get trapped into thewm and that is something oenw ould detest .Wearing shoes without socks can also cause sweat accumulation thus enabling bacteria to grow over time.There can in fact be dead skin cells, dirt, oils, mould and fungus etc. also thriving in these socks.

One has to select the proper socks wear the coming summer to avoid smelly feet. To socialize one must not have smelly feet as they can put off the other person. In summer one sweats a lot and naturally even wearing shoes can make one’s feet smell on account of the sweat. It is better to wear cotton socks and thus ensure that moisture does not get retained in them. Nylon socks can make one’s feet sweat more and foul smell can be distressing.

6. Maintain Hygiene

This is important in order to prevent foot odor as bacteria are responsible for stinking feet. Washing your feet after coming from work and before going to bed will stop bacterial growth and prevent the foul smell of feet.

7. Wear Cotton Socks

This is very important as cotton socks allow the air to go inside your feet which will dry up the moisture inside the socks. Secondly, cotton socks will absorb sweat and retard the growth of bacteria on feet that cause smell. This is one of the best home remedies for stinky feet and shoes.

8. Odour Fighting Pads

These are made of charcoal or other absorbing material which absorbs all the sweat of your feet. They are available in the market and are kept below your feet inside the socks. This odor fighting pad absorbs all the sweat, leaving no smell.

9. Clean Your Shoes

You must clean or wash your shoes and dry them out in sun often. This will kill all the bacteria present in your shoes that are adding up to the feet odor. Drying them will also kill fungal and bacterial growth as sun rays have sterilization effects.

11. Avoid Wearing Leather Shoes

Leather shoes will trap moisture inside the feet as there is no ventilation after wearing leather shoes. Select a shoes that have proper ventilation. This is important to stop bacterial growth and sweating which causes foot odor.

12. Baking Soda

IIt kills bacteria and also retards sweating. All you need to do is just mix one tablespoon of baking soda in a bucket filled with half water. Immerse your feet in it and soak for 20 minutes. Do this before going to bed for at least two weeks. You can also sprinkle baking soda on your feet and then wear socks.

13. Epsom Salt

It cleanses and removes all entrapped bacteria in your feet. It is a powerful detoxifying agent. Mix two tablespoon in a bucket of lukewarm water and soak your feet in it for 15 minutes. You can also sprinkle it on your feet.

14. Black Tea

It is rich in tannic acid which kills bacteria and closes skin pores on your feet thus preventing from excessive sweating. Make a concentrated black tea and then dilute it in a bucket of water, add one tablespoon of salt to it. Soak your feet in the bucket for half an hour. This will prove to be an effective home remedy to cure stinking feet.

15. Vinegar

It is acidic in nature and stops the bacterial growth. Vinegar prevents bad smell coming from the sweat. Dilute a cup of vinegar in half a bucket of lukewarm water and immerse your feet in it. Soak it for 15 minutes before going to bed daily for two weeks.

16. Ginger

Boil ginger in water for half an hour until all the extract of ginger comes out. Dilute this ginger concentrate in half a bucket of water. Soak your feet in it for half an hour to get rid of smelly feet. This is a simple tip to avoid smelly feet.

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