Almonds can help to lose weight

Almonds can help to lose weight

A few almonds per day can complement the weight loss efforts. Consuming just 1.5 ounces or 43 grams of almonds per day are great way to keep the hunger pangs in check. Additionally, the nut is extremely low on the calories with 10 almonds accounting for just 78 calories. Besides, they are also packed with the useful nutrients like Vitamin E and mono-saturated fat (‘good’ fat) that gives a enhance without adding any extra pounds. Here are some of other health benefits of almonds.

Almonds can help to lose weight

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Almonds can help to lose weightAlmonds are great for diabetics

Being home to largest diabetic population in the world, Indians must realise the importance of including almonds in their regular diet. ‘Eating almonds has the positive effect on reducing low-density cholesterol and also improves a insulin sensitivity; so it does help in pushing the diabetes away. It is healthy source of fibre, protein and calories and has been found to have the positive effect in reducing bad cholesterol and improved a insulin sensitivity.’ They can be a great snack to have before hitting gym

It does not make much sense to do heavy workouts in gym, if you are not going to watch the diet. A handful of almonds is considered great pre-workout snack as they contain 15 essential nutrients.

They are an excellent early morning energy booster

Almonds can help to lose weightStart the day morning with ten pieces of almonds – soaked overnight. The almonds are rich source of the antioxidants, proteins and essential fats and help in maintaining the cholesterol levels.

They enhance the immunity

A lack of vitamin E can affect the immune system’s ability to fight an infection. Chew on handful of almonds which are rich in vitamin E, this will keep the immune system running in smooth order. So remember to stock up on the Almonds next time you go to market.

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