How to Achieve White and Smooth Underarms

How to Achieve White and Smooth Underarms

During summer wherein we experience extreme heat, we often prefer wearing sleeveless and off-shoulder tops. However, this has become a common dilemma among women mainly because they suffer from the problem of having dark armpits.

How to Achieve White and Smooth Underarms

This concern makes women self-conscious. But there is a remedy to this problem. You can actually whiten and smoothen your underarms, depending, of course, on the stage of darkness of your underarms. There is no instant remedy though. You have to stick to some tips to achieve that flawless white underarm.

Why you need to get White and Smooth Underarms.

But before dealing with the steps, you must first know what causes your underarms to darken. Shaving and plucking are some of the common causes of dark underarms. These procedures may cause abrasions and wounds in the skin of the armpit because in the process, the topmost later of your underarm skin is removed. Another cause is the type of deodorant you use. When we perspire, the sweat accumulates in the armpit which would result to skin darkening. Poor hygiene is a contributor to dark underarms, too. So you better try these easy steps.

  • Switch to a high quality deodorant or antiperspirant or better yet use natural products.
  • Avoid shaving or waxing your underarms. It is better to have your underarm hair removed through laser treatments or chemical peel. You may also exfoliate your armpits once a week. This is to remove the dead skin buildup on your underarm. You make prepare and mix your own scrub. Applying lemon juice to your armpit using your fingers and massaging it is a better remedy. Then rinse it with warm water. However, do not shave prior to this because lemon juice applied to shaved skin burns.
  • Maintain good hygiene. Practice washing your armpits daily with a mild soap and warm water. Regularly washing those armpits prevents dead skin and dirt buildup.

The above are the methods How to Achieve White and Smooth Underarms.

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