A Look at top 10 Winter Flowers in India


Flowers are bright and beautiful to look at and are full of fragrance. They promote joy and people like to be surrounded by them be it any time of the season. Winter is no exception to this and in India, there are beautiful flowers to choose from. Winter flowers in India are manifold and draw much attention from the public who really like to purchase them for auspicious and other occasions.

Flowers in India are used as beautiful decorations as well as for decorating gods and as gifts on special occasions.

These seasonal flowers are available in a variety of colors, sizes and forms and do decorate much if the gardens all over the country. They are grown in garden beds and herbaceous borders, laced in windows boxes and pots, etc. Flowers in India do indeed have a distinct flavor of their own.

In India, winter happens to be the best time to grow several species of beautiful blooming flowers. These seeds of winter flowering annuals are in fact sown in October-November. Some seedlings do tend to hibernate during the cold months of December & January & start growing as soon as the spring sets in.

What sort of flowers winter flowers in India do we come across?

1. Alyssum:

This happens to be a low growing plant that does branch freely with usually white flowers which are rather honey scented. The compact plant does look similar to like a carpet of flowers.

2. Antirrhinum (Snapdragon):

These are branching annuals consisting of numerous flowering spikes, mostly of crimson or white color. Also, several colorful varieties of Snapdragon are made use of for bedding and pot culture.

3. Aster:

Aster is considered to be an excellent cut flower. The flower heads do come in several sizes, types as well as colors.

4. Calendula (Pot Marigold):

The flowers do vary from straw color to deep orange. This single or double flowering plant has been acknowledged as being useful for bedding, potting as well as for window boxes. This is a popular flower among flowers in India

5. Clarkia:

This is annual has slender branches and attractive long spikes of flowers. It can be grown even as a pot plant.

6. Dianthus (Sweet William):

These are attractive double or single fragrant, colorful flowers that are born at the top of the branches in rounded clusters. The plant is of course suitable for beds, borders, rock gardens, or window boxes. This is a much-admired winter flower in India

7. Hollyhock:

This happens to be a tall majestic annual. The large flowers are sprout in the axis of leaves all along the length of the stem. Hollyhocks can be made use of as a background plant, screen, open space shrubbery or annual border.

8. Larkspur:

This is a very popular blue in color as well as in mauve-purple and pink cut flower. The plant is usually grown as background or in front of a tall hedge or border and in pots as well.

9. Pansy:

As a beautiful butterfly-like flower, it is much admired for its beauty among flowers in India. It is available in almost all shades of colors and combinations, blotched, variegated, marked, stripped as well as in contrasting colors. These low growing plants do thrive under the shade of other tall plants. They are worth growing in the home garden.

10. Petunia:

The petunias are very popular, lovely and are grown widely in gardens. The flowers are trumpet-shaped and can be small or large. It is among the popular winter flowers in India.

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