8 Foods You Should Avoid Eating

8 Foods You Should Avoid Eating

8 Foods You Should Avoid Eating

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There is an array of food varieties available today which are appetizing and are sinfully delicious! But, we cannot afford to eat everything. There are certain foods that you should avoid strictly to live longer. Certain foods are fatal to health because it contains too many artificial ingredients that harm your system. Few foods listed below are even connected with many cancers and memory loss as well. 8 Foods You Should Avoid Eating.

You need to be very careful although choosing the right kind of food for your body. If yourself wish to live longer, then change the food habits and stick to foods that are nutritious, healthy and serves excellent for your body by benefiting your health. In this article we at Boldsky, have listed out few food items that you should never eat! Read on 8 Foods You Should Avoid Eating and just avoid this food for your well being.

8 Foods You Should Avoid Eating


Cookies are irresistible. One of the prime ingredient used in cookies is hydrogenated vegetable oil. These vegetable oils contain trans fat that has associated with heart disease. It is also rich in sugar content that increases the risk of obesity.

8 Foods You Should Avoid EatingYoghurt

Of course, yoghurt has several health benefits. The probiotic bacteria present in it helps in digestion and prevents osteoporosis. A cup of yoghurt serves more than the recommended calcium intake for a day. Consuming excess of calcium has linked to the risk of kidney stones. It also disrupts the blood circulation in the body.

Potato chips

Crispy Potato chips are the favorite snack of everyone. But it contains high calories and unhealthy salts which lead to weight gain. Potato chips are also high in sodium content that has linked to hypertension and kidney problems.

Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Sadly, this delicious dessert is light in calories which contributes to weight gain. It also contains artificial sweeteners that cause cancer.


Popcorn tops the menu of unhealthy foods. It has too common calories present in it which make you put on weight. It is also one of the cancer-causing foods.


Pork is the most used meat across the globe. Pork has not digested quickly. Excessive consumption of pork leads to several digestive problems and has also linked to colorectal cancer.


Cheese is an excellent source of protein. It has an immense amount of calcium too. But consuming too much of it leads to weight gain and according to a study, cheese is associated with breast and lung cancer.


Pasta is rich in carbohydrates that cause weight gain. Pasta has the high glycemic index that has linked to the heart diseases. Therefore, it is considered as bad for health.

The above are the 8 Foods You Should Avoid Eating for better health.

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