8 Foods you need to Eat for Glowing Skin

8 foods you need to eat for glowing skin

One will see the bad effect of unhealthy eating habits not just on the weight but on the skin as well. Your skin deserves to be glowing. Here are top 8 foods that should be included in the regular diet for the healthy skin.

8 foods you need to eat for glowing skin

Almonds contain the vitamin E which helps to nourish the skin and protect it against a sun damage. These could be eaten easily when used with the salad, oats, grilled or baked dishes or even in the desserts.

Foods for glowing skin

8 foods you need to eat for glowing skinEggs

Eggs have rich in nutritional value with zinc, proteins, and selenium required for the good skin health. They make for a tasty breakfast and in fact can be included in any meal throughout a day. For some simple and easy cooking could boil eggs and sprinkle some pepper or stick to having an omelette. Eggs can also be used to make the face packs.

8 foods you need to eat for glowing skinGarlic

Garlic has the anti-bacterial properties that cleanse skin of any infections and reduce the acne. Just add garlic to as many meals as possible, be it in the pastas, other dishes or salad.

8 foods you need to eat for glowing skinPaneer

Paneer or cottage cheese is protein and selenium rich which is great for the skin nourishing and collagen production. You could have some paneer either stir-fried with the vegetables and add some flavoured sauces for the taste. Or you could simply eat fresh cubes of paneer with some pepper scattered.

8 foods you need to eat for glowing skinPeppermint

Peppermint proves beneficial for skin and health due to its healing properties. It is commonly used in the topical creams for various skin disorders, as it has the anti-inflammatory properties which balance pH levels of the skin. A cup of hot pepper mint tea also helps to calm down the headaches.

8 foods you need to eat for glowing skinBrown rice

Brown rice is an option preferred any day over its white counter part. It contains the antioxidants and minerals that improve the skin health as well.

8 foods you need to eat for glowing skinTomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, due to which collagen production keeps the skin unbroken and firm. The red pigment present in the tomatoes reduces the skin paleness and increases the skin’s blood circulation. A slice of tomato could be had at any time of a day, either as part of the salad or just sliced and had with the lemon to keep the healthy skin beautiful.

8 foods you need to eat for glowing skinBeetroot

Beetroot is high in the vitamin A and other nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and vitamin E. It is hence the complete cleanser and blood purifier that removes the toxins. Apart from having it in salads frequently, a glass of the beetroot juice is ideal for healthy skin.

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