8 Effective Home Remedies for Gas

8 Effective Home Remedies for Gas

Gastric problems are very commonly found in conditions that are almost affecting every individual. It might include a few elements such as abdominal bloating, belching, flatulence as well as intestinal gas. It may be embarrassing sometimes as well. There are of course a few precautions that can be taken to reduce this health problem that includes avoiding consumption of fatty foods along with gas-producing items. One needs to avoid smoking, thus reducing one’s intake of carbonated drinks and beer, regular exercise, and eating slowly.

Gas and Indigestion

In one’s digestive tract, (i.e. in one’s small intestine, large intestine as well as the stomach), gas is usually generated by swallowing the air and the normal breakdown of certain undigested foods by harmless bacteria that are naturally present in one’s large intestine (colon). One does experience this problem a number of times even on the same day.

NIH (National Institute of Health) does indicate that most people do produce digestive gas about 14 times in 24 hours. The normal source that causes this problem is swallowing the air and eating fatty foods. Gas problems may lead to bloating, belching as well as flatulence, and other gastric problems. Gastric problems are no doubt considered natural, but sometimes it does make one feel very uncomfortable as well as embarrassed. So how does one avoid this embarrassing situation?

Maintaining a proper diet and regular exercise does indeed keep one healthy. It also helps problems such as farting and bloating. Avoiding foods that do contain fat, such as broccoli, baked beans, cabbage, carbonated drinks, cauliflower as well as hard candy which is required for relief from the problem.

Gastric problems can also lead to stress or anxiety, gastrointestinal infection or even blockage as well as stomach pain.

8 Effective Home Remedies for GasHome Remedies for Gas Formation

Curing or even thus preventing the problem it does take time, but it is also the discomfort that can be reduced by having simple home remedies.

Avoid Fatty Food

One must avoid the food that does affect one’s intestines the most. This does include items such as broccoli, cabbage, onions, beans, peas, as well as carbonated drinks. In case dairy products create a problem, then one can try low-lactose or lactose-free varieties.

Exercise Regularly

It is good to have regular exercise as well as evening walks that does help reduce the problem. Exercise does keep one’s body fit and also helps in maintaining one’s abdominal system very healthy and well balanced.

Avoid smoking

Smoking does increase the chances of belching in one’s body because it is indeed formed by an excess of air. Smoking does cause swallowing of air, thus resulting in belching. Therefore, in order to get rid of this problem, one needs to quit smoking.

Eat Slowly

The quick intake of food can very often result in digestive issues. One’s digestive system does need time to digest the food that cannot be done if one’s eat too quickly. Chewing one’s food is a must and it can help in reducing one’s gastric problems. Those who eat fast should slow down in order to take care of their respective intestinal problem.

Occasionally Avoid High-Fiber Food on a Temporary Basis

Fiber does aid digestion, but many of the high-fiber foods do produce a lot of gas. One must add fiber to one’s diet. One can go in for high-fiber foods. It increases tolerance. It makes one feel full.

Change in Diet

Changing one’s diet in order to reduce the discomfort of gas does help one to a certain extent.


One must eat healthy in order to avoid gas formation and include lots of fiber in one’s daily diet. It is important to seek medical advice as well.

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