8 Benefits of Dates during Pregnancy

8 Benefits of Dates during Pregnancy

Eating dates during the third trimester is recommended as it is good for the pregnant woman. Medically, eating dates during pregnancy are advised. Dates have lots of nutrients.

Dates are safe as well as beneficial for the mother as well as her baby. The sugars in dates break down and also provide energy without causing much significant increase in blood sugar levels in one’s body. They satisfy sweet tooth cravings. Eating dates during the third trimester are well received.

But since they are mostly consumed dried, they have more caloric content just like any other fruits, thus consuming them in moderation is key a handful should be enough.

How Does Eating Dates Help In Labor?

Eating dates during the last few weeks of pregnancy does have a positive effect on labor as well as delivery. Evidence carried out from randomized control trials indicates that consuming date fruit could help in the ripening of one’s cervix, which may perhaps reduce the duration of labor, thus reducing the need for oxytocin as well as prostaglandins to induce labor.

High sugar content in dates can rather provide energy during labor, and it may also help to promote uterine contractions by increasing the sensitivity of one’s uterus to oxytocin. Eating dates may ease the labor as well as reduce the incidence of postpartum hemorrhage.

Eating dates during the third trimester is suggested medically.

Benefits of eating dates during pregnancy 

1. Provide energy

During pregnancy, women need plenty of energy than normally. It is advisable to consume a handful of dates every day as it will supply the required sugars, along with other necessary nutrients.

2. Relief from constipation

As dates are rich sources of fiber, they do keep the digestive system healthy and also help to relieve pregnancy-related constipation. They make one’s tummy full, reduce cholesterol levels, and also help maintain a healthy weight.

3. Proteins produce amino acids

Dates can indeed provide some amount of proteins to one’s diet, which is required to build amino acids needed for body growth.

4. Helps in preventing birth defects

Dates happen to be a good source of folate. Folate does prevent congenital defects related to the brain as well as the spinal cord. WHO does recommend the usage of folate supplements and intake of folate-rich foods before as well as during pregnancy, to prevent congenital disabilities. Eating dates during pregnancy is healthy for would-be-mothers.

8 Benefits of Dates during Pregnancy

5. Vitamin K for the baby

Babies are born in fact with low Vitamin-K, which does aid in clotting and bone development. If the mother consumes dates during as well as after pregnancy, the baby may indeed get some amount of this vitamin via breast milk.

6. Contains iron

Dates do contain some amount of iron and perhaps may aid in the prevention of anemia during pregnancy. Iron does maintain hemoglobin in one’s body and also strengthens both the mother’s and the baby’s immunity.

7. Maintains water-salt balance

Dates do contain potassium, which does maintain water-salt balance, regulate blood pressure, and also prevents muscle cramps. The deficiency of this mineral could also increase the risk of blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, as well as stroke.

8. Bones and teeth in the baby

Magnesium happens to be an essential mineral as it does help in the formation of teeth as well bones in the baby. It also does regulate one’s blood sugar as well as blood pressure levels. Dates do help in preventing magnesium deficiency in pregnancy, which may otherwise lead to the risk of chronic hypertension, preeclampsia, placental dysfunction, as well as premature labor.

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Eating dates during pregnancy is no doubt healthy for a pregnant woman as well as the baby-to-be born.

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