7 Ways to Be Likeable

7 Ways to Be Likeable

It is not so easy to be likable, but yet everybody wants to be popular and be liked. Even in the workplace leaders wanted to be liked and in fact, in all spheres of activities individuals involved in public activities or even on a personal level do like people preferring their company.

One needs to connect with people on a friendly note. People reach out to people who are likable. How to be likable?

1. Smile.

A smile does wonders. It attracts people. Greeting people do make a lot of difference as one attracts people. One must greet people. One must communicate to people does help and that too with a smile.

2. Look at people.

After smiling, eye contact is indeed the biggest principle of likeability. It is good not to stare at people. One needs to learn to connect with the people one is interacting with by looking them in the eye.

3. Don’t be moody.

One must avoid mood swings. It is better not to be a Dr. Jekyll and the next day one happens to be Mr. or Mrs. Hyde. One day: friendly and laughing. The next day: yelling and cussing. One needs to develop an even temper and have a predictability personality. This does not mean one needs to be in a great mood all the time. Yet one needs to work on personal issues and work hard to not let one’s personal issues control one’s interaction with other people.

7 Ways to Be Likeable4. Work on yourself.

Likable people always try to improve themselves are usually big on personal improvement. They are constantly trying to get better. No doubt certain aspects of our personalities do stay with us forever. We are either getting better or we are getting worse every single day. People make effort to improve upon their dress and also try hard to consistently improve oneself.

5. Don’t be judgmental.

One must not be judgmental. But when one is in a team environment with a variety of people, one has to leave judgments and opinions at the door. People have more common ground than they do have differences. One can find issues that can agree upon. Be somebody that who can get along with people and who have a completely different walk in life than one has. The easiest thing in the world is to divide people. It does take a real leader to work with people who do not think as you do.

6. Don’t be an attention hog.

One must avoid being an attention seeker. When one is part of a team one must concentrate on “we” not “ I”. Whatever one is doing it is group participation. One needs to appreciate others and not “hog” all the attention. Teamwork means group participation.

7. Be quick to apologize.

One must apologize as that keeps one in good stead, to win friends and influence people. Often at the workplace, one loses temper even when one is at fault. In such situations, one needs to apologize. One can diffuse the tension. It does not matter if one were most at fault or not. Be the foremost person to put the grudge aside.

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