7 reasons to have itchy skin

7 reasons to have itchy skin

Scratching the skin when the itchy feeling becomes appealing may offer strange satisfaction and a feeling of relief, but when this relief is temporary and you constantly keep feeling itchy then the problem could be slightly bigger. Here are some causes or 7 reasons to have itchy skin you should know:

Contact dermatitis:

Skin allergies are the most common cause of itchy skin. Direct contact with allergen can cause irritation and trigger rashes with itchy feeling. Some common allergens are present in fabrics, beauty products like soap, face wash and deodorants, make-up and cosmetics. Allergies to metals like silver and gold are also quite common. So, some of you might experience itching after wearing specific kinds of jewellery.

Dry skin:

Loss of moisture from skin cells can make the skin dry and cracked. Further, peeling of skin exposes it to allergens leading to irritation and inflammation due to itching.

Drugs reactions:

Every person reacts to medications differently. You could be prone to drug allergies if you already have a hyperactive immune system. The harshness of the allergy will depend on the dose of the drug administered. And, the reaction could vary from mild itching to severe rashes and hives.


The harmful UV-rays of the sun can directly break down the skin’s natural barrier or protection layer. Your immune system may recognize this damage as an injury or threat and release several inflammatory molecules that make the skin inflamed and itchy.


It is a disease in which your body produces new skin cells at a rapid pace, without being able to get rid of the older skin cells. As a result, old and new cells pile up in an affected area and appear as thick, scaly patches that cause itching.


7 reasons to have itchy skinSometimes, all may seem to be well, but the real problem is lurking just beneath your hair, on your scalp. Dandruff due to excessive dry scalp can cause itching if the dandruff flakes settle your shoulders, neck, back or even forehead.

Internal problems:

Some conditions like iron-deficiency anemia, kidney disease and thyroid disorders, shingles, diabetes, multiple sclerosis can also cause itching, without development of rashes. This type of itching may affect the entire body.

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