7 Papaya Face Packs for Glowing, Fair, and Smooth Skin

7 Papaya Face Packs for Glowing, Fair, and Smooth Skin

Papaya can extremely healthy looking youthful glow as homemade papaya face packs and masks to give a radiant and glowy skin. The papaya’s enzyme papain does help fade the dark spots, induces skin fairness and also does remove one’s blemishes from one’s face. The fruit does help in lightening the hyperpigmentation condition. Clear glowing skin can be had with the help of papaya

How did papaya face packs work for glow and skin whitening?

Papaya happens to be a fruit that is rich in an enzyme known as papain. This enzyme is quite a miracle. Why so? It helps in clarifying the skin. One can get immense benefits from Papaya facials.

How papain helpful?

Papain help in mild chemical peeling or exfoliation. The skin does appear soft as well as firm. It helps in skin whitening. And by applying papaya on the skin the skin does look good.

Papaya contains excellent antioxidants, antimicrobial properties and will also help in fighting free radicals that make one look older. One looks younger.

7 Papaya Face Packs for Glowing, Fair, and Smooth SkinHomemade Papaya Face Packs

1. Papaya Face pack with the honey glow:

  • One requires a piece of papaya. One needs to mash it and also make the paste of it, and also add a teaspoonful of honey and also mix the content well.
  • One can mash with a fork as it is much easier. One must make the content into a smooth paste.
  • Apply it on the face and let it be for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse it off and then allow it to pat dry.

2. Papaya Face pack with lime juice for dark spots

  • Take a chunky piece of papaya and then mash it into a smooth paste. Make use of churner or even blender.
  • is well blended as well as smooth add about 10-12 drops of lemon juice.
  • Apply evenly on one’s face and then allow it to sit for 20 minutes. Then wash it off with plain water.

3. Papaya face pack with tomato for marks

  • Mix tomatoes with papaya and prepare a pack. Mash it and make a paste of it. Apply it and wait for about 15 minutes.
  • Add some tomato pulp as well as honey and mix it thoroughly.
  • Apply it one ’s face and wait for about 15 minutes.
  • Rinse with the plain normal type of water.

4. Papaya and Fuller’s Earth Face pack for oily skin

  • Make a pack with Benefits of Fuller’s earth with Papaya.
  • Mash both the product into a paste and then wait for about 20 minutes.
  • Pat dry
  • Apply the paste on one’s face and let it be for about 20 minutes.

5. Papaya face pack with Avocadoes for glowing skin.

  • Take a piece of avocado and a piece of Papaya
  • Put them in blender or churner and make a smooth paste and apply it on one’s face.
  • Keep it on for 15to 20 minutes and one can rinse it with plain water.

6. Papaya Face pack with Banana for Pigmentation Cure

  • Use banana and papaya to make a face pack.
  • Take equal quantities and mash them into a paste.
  • Apply the paste and let it be for about 20 minutes
  • Then wash it off.

7. Papaya and Sandalwood Powder Face mask for fair skin

  • Make a paste of papaya and a teaspoonful of sandalwood powder.
  • Apply it on one’s neck and face.
  • Wait for about 20 minutes and then rinse off with water.
  • One can do this every day for good results.


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