6 Powerful Yoga Asanas for Glowing Skin

6 Powerful Yoga Asanas for Glowing Skin

Yoga is good for health and all over the world, many are practicing it. It is a fad with many and foreigners love indulging in this healthy practice which they have learned from the East. Be it maintaining weight, or developing one’s body or gaining height, one does go in for yoga.

Both men and women do perform yoga asanas and try to maintain good health.

Naturally, women who are beauty conscious would like to have glowing skin. Good food, exercise, and yoga are essential. The latter not only develops the body functioning but also enables the person to think positively which also has an effect on one’s skin.

One can improve one’s blood circulation via yoga postures. One skin will glow indeed. One can keep good health by performing yoga and one can also have radiant facial via regular yoga exercise performance.

It would be interesting to know more about these yoga exercises for proper blood circulation

1. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

This pose does reduce the stiffness in the back as well as shoulders, and relaxes and elevates one’s mood. It also makes one skin very smooth. It is good for the body system as well. One feels healthy and it also improves one’s posture as well.

2. Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

This another popular yoga and helps in improving one’s breathing. It involves deep breathing. It also helps in normalizing hormonal imbalances and also relaxes muscles. It does also make the skin more flexible as well as firm.

6 Powerful Yoga Asanas for Glowing Skin3. Halasana (Plow Pose)

This yoga does increase one’s blood circulation to the face as well as head thus causing the skin to glow beautifully.

4. Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand Pose)

This asana does make one ’s skin lose its dullness by supplying blood to the head. It also helps in tackling acne and pimples. Teenagers are vexed with acne and pimples and can take this yoga posture seriously.

5.Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

This pose does increase the flow of blood to one’s face as well as the head. The increase of oxygen supply does enable the skin to look healthy with a radiant glow.

6. Shishuasana (Child Pose)

This asana does improve blood circulation to one’s head region and also relieves one of stress and tiredness.


One can try these asanas and thus look gorgeous and healthy as well. Yoga does impact the body and the face does reflect if one’s body is functioning smoothly. A radiant look means one is healthy and one can be healthy if one exercise and the best form of exercise is yoga. Yoga makes one tranquil and also provides inner peace. If one is at peace with oneself, it does reflect on ’s physical health as well. To look healthy, feel healthy one need to go in for yoga and learn the postures from a well-trained yoga practitioner which is indeed a worthwhile effort.

Yoga is a must for keeping good health and to tone up one’s body system and look healthy and ravishing as well.

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