6 Diet Myths That You Never Knew

6 Diet Myths That You Never Knew

6 Diet Myths That You Never Knew

When it’s time to diet, we blindly support what everybody has been experimenting. But there is no guarantee that diet that works for the other person might work for you. If yourself are planning to go on the diet, know your body first before trying something new.

Today, we here at yabibo, are operating to share the few diet myths that we all want to know. Dieting is not about underfeeding or eating fruits. It means eating healthy food that helps you increase your body stamina and makes you strong as well. 6 Diet Myths That You Never Knew

Diet performs an important role in the overall health. There are certain myths regarding diet that you sway not know. Read on to know on the diet myths that we all need to know.

6 Diet Myths That You Never KnewMyth1:

Fish is not the only source of omega three fats. You can increase your omega three fat intake by consuming flaxseeds, walnuts, soybeans and many other sources.

Myth 2:

Kale is rich in the antioxidants & many other nutrients, but it is not as rich as the Palak that has many more nutrients in it.

Myth 3:

Eating Cake Keeps You Happy Chewing cake does not make happy. It is just our brains showing us that it does. It is nothing but our psychology that makes us believe it.

Myth 4:

Proteins Build the Muscles Proteins are just a part of the diet that helps in muscle building. You also want an enough intake of calories, carbohydrates and a good dietary plan that has proteins as well.

Myth 5:

Eggs Are Bad Eggs are healthy & good for our health. They are not responsible for the improved cholesterol level as only 25 percent of the cholesterol in the body obtained from food; the rest is due to our sedentary lifestyle.

Myth 6: Nutrition Bars Are Healthy

Do not impulsively buy nutritional bars the next time. Check the contents present on it before purchase them. Studies suggest that the nutritional bars have synthetic ingredients & has filled with toxic chemicals. So, the next time you buy one think twice.

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