5 Tips for Better Digestion During Summer Heat

5 Tips for Better Digestion During Summer Heat

How does heat affects digestion is a question that arises in the mind of those who would like to indulge in outdoor activities. People suffer from seasonal disorders.

Summertime means pool parties, family reunions, and outdoor activities with family, thus indulging in socializing outdoors, which happens to be much fun. Yet there are seasonal digestive disorders to cope up with.

Summer means fun no doubt as activities can be outdoors but the heat can get to a person. Both young and old have to be careful.

Summer heat can play havoc with one’s digestive system. The change in weather can prove worrisome as summer can affect one’s health although there are several fun activities to participate

How does heat affect digestion and how to keep the digestive system in order during summer?

1. Stay Hydrated

During summer, one’s bodies try to keep a person cool by sweating as replenishing the water lost by sweating is essential. It is important to be conscious of one’s water intake is it better to avoid dehydration.

To avoid dehydration, it is advisable to drink water at a moderate pace, even if a person does not feel thirsty. Drinking water at one go can make a person feel bloated. Flavor the water with fruit or cucumber to consume more water.

Dehydration can cause constipation, heatstroke, and nausea. How does heat affects digestion is something to worry about no doubt.

2. Eat Slowly

During summertime, the body is spending energy to keep the internal temperature down. This does divert energy from other body processes, such as digestion. Eating slowly improves digestion. It is to cut the food into small pieces and then chew each bite thoroughly. Enjoy each bite. Thus how a person eats and chews his or her food does matter in coping up with seasonal digestive disorders. 

3. Practice Food Safety

During summer people enjoy cookouts and picnics and naturally, the focus is on food-centric events. This can negatively impact the digestive system. Food left out at the wrong temperature can breed bacteria and also cause food poisoning.

How to ensure food safety?                       

  •  Do not leave food out for more than four hours.
  •  Ensure hot foods are hot and cold foods remain cold.
  •  Thoroughly wash fruits as well as vegetables, especially the leafy greens.
  •  Avoid leaving dairy products out.

5 Tips for Better Digestion During Summer Heat

4. Eat More Fiber

It is important to eat fiber throughout the year as this would ensure sufficient intake. The intake of fiber is certainly more important during hot summery days. Digestion slows down when it is hot, and fiber aids digestion. It is better to focus on the consumption of high-fiber foods. Raw, dark green vegetables are indeed a great choice. Raspberries, mangoes, and papaya are all high-fiber and summery. Eating fiber-based foods will ensure better health and digestion during summer.

5. Exercise Safely

Regular exercise is necessary to maintain one’s health. In summer heat and humidity, can make it difficult to take part in this activity. Exercising outdoors during such extreme heat can lead to heat sickness or even stroke. In case a person is vomiting, or feeling dizzy, or experiencing nausea then these are symptoms of heatstroke. Go indoors and drink plenty of water. If symptoms continue, it is better to consult the doctor.


Summer weather does not mean a person needs to avoid his fun-loving activities. For example, his or her workout can be inside a gym or perhaps a walk in the morning hours or perhaps in the evening, when it is cool and safe. Such low-intensity weather-based activities can mean better digestion.

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