15 Warning Symptoms of Diabetes

15 Warning Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes is indeed a serious health issue and cannot be neglected. It is important to know its symptoms in order to take the required action. One has to take precautions to avoid certain foods.

1. Thirst

The foremost essential symptom of diabetes is a feeling of unusual and rather excessive thirst. Drinking a lot is normal and healthy but if one is thirsty all the time, then there is something wrong no doubt. One must get oneself checked up definitely.

2. Urge to Pee

Obviously, if one starts drinking a lot more than one usually does then one goes to the bathroom rather more frequently. Also, high blood sugar level does increase the amount of urine production. One has to keep a track of one’s bathroom visits.

3. Fatigue

One feels exhausted even if one has not done anything. One will feel tired on account of low as well as high blood pressure. Glucose also does slow down one’s circulation, and therefore one’s cells do not get the required amount of the necessary nutrients as well as oxygen.

4. Thrush

In case, the diabetes is not controlled as it can lead to itching and also burning in one’s genital area as the excess sugar does increase the risk of developing yeast infections. Although, it is also relatively common and mostly harmless, that it has to be treated immediately as it has serious complications that are combined with diabetes.

5. Worse Vision

High blood sugar does cause the lens of one’s eye to swell thus changing one’s vision, blurred or even double vision that can occur on account of low blood sugar. Dry eyes are also a warning. Retinal screening is equally important. Diabetes insipidus- hormonal metabolic disorder

15 Warning Symptoms of Diabetes6. Slow Healing

One must be careful with knives, blades and also anything that is sharp. Wounds heal slowly. Immune system weakens and one is prone to infections.

7. Appetite

One suffers from excessive hunger. It is not simply a question of lack of self-control but is a very serious matter.

8. Weight Loss

Quite similar to weight gain, diabetes can also result in weight loss, as well. The problem is that one’s body does start to break down the protein from one’s muscles and not fat. Also, one’s kidneys start working excessively hard thus trying to eliminate the extra glucose. One must consult a doctor as all weight is not considered to be good.

9. Skin Problems

It is not a question of suffering from regular acne as well as blackheads but much more. The defense mechanism of one’s body means simply trying to help fight against diabetes while suffering from darkened spots, rashes and itchy skin all over one’s body.

10. Numbness

Many people do get scared when they happen to experience the initial signs of numbness. Untreated high blood sugar has also numerous detrimental effects thus starting from nerve damage, numbness as well as tingling to pain cum swelling of hands and feet.

11. Loss of Hearing

This is one of the results of nerve damage. As the smaller vessels as well as the nerves are damaged, sound transmissions also get interrupted in one’s brain. In fact, hearing loss is twice as common in people who suffer on account of diabetes. Diabetes mellitus (Type 1) also known as Juvenile diabetes

12. Bleeding Gums

It is a known fact that high blood glucose enables bacteria to grow. Initially, when one suffers from red, swollen gums that tend to bleed while one brushes one’s teeth.

13. Calf Cramps

Those people who suffer from diabetes experience cramps, especially in their legs on the everyday basis. This can cause circulation issues and pain in some parts of one’s body such as thighs as well as even buttocks. It can be relieved with the help of some supplements and rest for some time, but unfortunately, it will only get worse after a longer time.

14. Perspiration

Everybody individual’s perspiration rate is no doubt different, but it has to be consistent. Some diabetics do experience excessive sweating even when they sleep or eat, whereas others stop sweating completely. These are not healthy symptoms.

15. Dry Mouth

One’s mouth suffers the most when one suffers from diabetes. High levels of blood sugar do cause sores and lack of moisture in one’s mouth.

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