15 expired products you use EVERY DAY

15 expired products you use EVERY DAY

When it comes to tablets or medicines, the first thing most of the people do is review its expiry date. But what about the daily things that you eat, wear & use. Here are top 15 items for which most of the people do not bother reviewing the expiry date. Do not miss to do this for sure.

Expired food dangers


Not several people know that the beauty products also come with an expiry date. When used exceeding the period, these products might provoke allergies, eye infection, skin infection, rashes or boils. The expiry dates of traditional cosmetics like mascara, nail paint, eye liner, and lipstick extent from one year – two years, says one of the doctors.

Sanitary Napkins:

Yes, also sanitary napkins have an expiry date. So the next time when you buy, it does not ignore to check for the expiry as using expired ones might conduce to skin problems.


Most of us prone to use old bandages without still bothering to check its expiry date. Though, medicated dressings contain medicine that can cause complications when applied after expiry. Read more Top 10 Foods All Pregnant Women Should Avoid


Nobody likes to save spices or masalas in its original pack, storing it in fancy bottles. But what if yourself use these masalas past the expiry date? Think twice before predisposing of that empty box of masala in the debris can.


Ever admired that eggs also have an expiry date? Yes, free eggs that you buy should be eaten within three weeks. How to know whether if it is expired or not? Well, put an egg in the bowl of containing cold water & if it floats, then avoid consuming it.


Buy the big pack of cheese & store it in the refrigerator. Use the cubes as & when required without even examining the expiry date. And when you see the growth fungi on it, then there is no other choice than discarding it.

Food expiration dates guidelines chart

15 expired products you use EVERY DAYToffies:

Buying the pack of toffies is far more thoughtful & handy than getting 2 or 3. But as soon as we get one, we open the package & store it in the refrigerator. If you eat a toffy past its expiry date, it can cause stomach problem as well.


Egg & toast or a plate of the sandwich are what most of us like to breakfast & therefore, stash our fridge with loafs of bread for a week. But do you always check the expiry date of slices of bread before buying? Read on Foods to boost your brain in 2016

Cornflakes and oats:

The next big idea to kickstart the morning breakfast is cornflakes & oats. How frequently, before using the oats, do you examine the expiry date.


You know that white layer that forms on old chocolate? It is not mold. It is what’s called “chocolate bloom” either of the fat or sugar difference & it can be safe to eat. If chocolate has stored in the cold place, i.e., 70 degrees or below, it will sustain its sell-by date. But as with chips, what are the chances one will eat chocolate for more than, like, 5 minutes? Read more Expert suggested ways to prevent eye pimple or stye


I applied to loathe spending so much money on the condiments like ketchup, mayo, & jam because I could never seem to do it all before it expired. That changed when I found out that many spices, containing salad dressing, are good after their sell-by dates. If they are open, give them the old smell test to see if they have spoiled. But if they have never opened, condiments can be stored in the cupboard for longer than the package would have to believe.

Frozen Food

If you do not mind freezer burn, then frozen foods can be consumed long after their expiration dates. Freezing food is the simplest way to prolong its shelf life, either it is vegetable proteins or pastries, Go ahead & stock up on frozen pizza.

Prepackaged Produce

A little bruised cucumber or withered lettuce never killed anyone, & neither did bagged salad eaten past its expiration date. When it comes to fruits & vegetables, it is easy: If it is rotten, do not have it. Read more Top 10 Foods All Pregnant Women Should Avoid


Like bread, potato chips will get musty past their expiration date, but they are still absolutely safe to eat. If they are in an open bag, they will be alright for a few weeks, but if the bag has taped, it can still be good months later. As if you had had an extra bag of chips laying around for that long.


While it can begin to get the little stale, cereal has an actual shelf life long beyond its printed expiration date. Like various foods, if it is stored properly — in this case, in a cool, dry place — cereal can last months after the sell-by date. The next time you see a sale on the favorite brand doesn’t hesitate to stock up because it will last you.

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