12 Health Risks Of Soy Sauce

health risks of soy sauce

12 Health Risks Of Soy Sauce

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Foods that we eat are either useful or harmful for our health & it could be challenging to decide right the food amidst all truths, myths & misperception. One such food product, Soy Sauce is apparent to be healthy but it is not in reality. Soy sauce is by far one of most popular ingredients used in the cooking world. Soy sauce is a fermented, aged product produced from mixture of soy legumes, salt, brine, roasted wheat grains & Aspergillus fungi.

Many other food products are manufactured from the soya legumes because they are rich in protein. Some of the industrially processed soy products are tofu, soy oil, soya milk, soya nuggets, baby supplements & many more. In spite of its varied use in all International cuisines & Asian cuisines, there are many ways soy sauce effects the health apart from satisfying our taste buds.

Fermented soy sauce contains large amounts of chemical called Isoflavones. These are phytoestrogens & one of the main chemicals that interrupts estrogen secretion and other hormonal activity in human. Because of non-specific nature of estrogen receptor present in human, these phytoestrogens increases the estrogen level, causing health problems in both women & men.

health risks of soy sauceLet us be cautious & find out what are the negative effect of soy sauce. Here are few health risks of soy sauce

Breast cancer

risks Isoflavones present in the fermented soy products are proved to act as catalyst for quick propagation of cancerous cells in breasts. Interfering in normal menstrual cycle are also reported.

Effects Thyroid

Fermented soy sauce contains Goitrogens which are type of isoflavones. This chemical can cause hypothyroidism by intrusive synthesis of thyroidal hormones. This is a very significant note on how soy sauce effects health.

Sperm count might get effected

There are researches confirming decreased sperm count with soy product consumption. Surplus soy sauce consumption improves level of sex hormone estrogen, creating irregularity in male reproductive health.

MSG present in Soy Sauce

As manfuacturing soy sauce, glutamic acid is formed which is highly toxic or unhealthy substances, effecting the neurological function. Extra MSG is also added to improve the flavor of soy sauce.

Obstruction of mineral absorption

Commercial soy sauce contains high amount of phytates which interferes in the digestion process by blocking amalgamation of minerals in the human body.

Protein digestion reserved

Less known fact about the side effects of soy sauce on health is action of trypsin inhibitors in digestive system, causing digestive, abdominal problems & may cause pancreatic problems in future.

GM Soy crops creating more health issues

More than 90% crops grown worldwide are hereditarily modified. Soy sauce produced from GM soy legumes costs less but causes health problems like allergies.

RBC clotting due to Soy. Do not be astonished!

Soy products contain Hemagglutinin which makes RBCs clot, causing oxygen shortage leading to the heart attacks & other chronic disorders. This is a very significant info while educating people on how soy sauce effects health.

High salt content in Soy sauce improves risks of cardiovascular diseases

Huge amount of salt is added at the onset of fermentation when manufacturing Soy sauce. High salt content always poses high risk for causing CVD, blood pressure etc. It is one of the health dangers of soya sauce.

Soy unsafe during pregnancy

Because of all harmful chemicals present in the Soy products, its unsafe to consume soy products including soy sauce during pregnancy as it might hamper in the baby’s development.

Effects on Kidney

Kidneys are pretentious by oxalates & phytoestrogens present in soy products. Oxalates cause kidney stones while high content of phytoestrogens might cause kidney failure.

Asthmatic problems

Research on how soy sauce effects health has found out links between soy product consumption and higher risks of having asthma.

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