7 Reasons You are always Hungry

7 Reasons You are always Hungry

7 Reasons You are always Hungry

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It is very natural to feel hungry at a sure time of the day. If you work out hard at the gym, you feel very hungry. Any physical & mental activities can make hungry. Proper foods can meet your requirement. Nutritionists suggest taking food for 4 times a day. But, if you are on any strict diet, you can go light at lunch. But never skip the breakfast.

So, feeling hungry is a very natural phenomenon. Why is it becoming alarming to you? Ask certain questions to yourself. Do you feel hungry for all the time? Do you always search the refrigerator for something to eat?

Do you have preferences like want to have chocolate or some fast foods or chips when feeling hungry? If these questions come with positive answer then it is time to be cautious. Might be you are suffering from obsessive eating. It is time to find reasons why you are hungry all the time.

How extreme hunger makes you unhealthy? This habit creates lots of physical issues by making the BMI unhealthy. So, when you surprise why even after usual work outs the tummy is not putting in or you feel the belly barking, blame the habit of spree eating. To cut the difficulty from the root, you require to know why you are hungry all the time.

Here are some reasons why you are hungry all the time. Read on to get rid of these habit- 7 Reasons You are always Hungry

7 Reasons You are always HungryToo Much Alcohol

It is proved through the researches that alcohol is main culprit to enhance the level of the hormone, ghrelin, which enhances th hunger more than normal. Even drinking as eating keeps you hungry after having a meal. Do you get why you are hungry all the time, even after meal?

Skipping Breakfast

Many of the people have a very wrong idea about losing weight by skipping breakfast. But do you know that this habit only encourage the hunger & the fat of the body do not burn at all? It is definitely one of the reasons why you are hungry all the time.


This is a reason why you are hungry all the time. If you do not get sufficient sleep at night, your body won’t get rest. Thus, the production of leptin, a hormone that makes you feel fuller, will be decreased and ghrelin starts to make you hungry.


The hypothalamus of the brain is responsible for the feelings of hunger and thirst. If you are not having fluids for a long time, you may feel hungry. Grabbing some foods is not the right thing to do. Drink lots of water and see if you’re feeling equally hungry.

Too Much Television Time

Recent researches have shown that people who watch television for more than 2 hours feel hungrier than those who do not. Sitting on the express with soft drinks & processed foods only makes you hungrier & takes you to obesity.

Lots of Stress

Whenever you stress a lot, remember this is one of the reasons why you’re hungry all the time. So, having a chunk of chocolate is not the solution of a heart break, rather it prompts you to dig into more foods and leaves you in more anxieties.

Speed Eating

It is true that you are in hurry but you must keep patience when eating.

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