10 Surprises for Kids Do Not Cost Much

10 Surprises for Kids Do Not Cost Much

There are 10 easy surprises for kids that parents can try out to make them have fun. Surprise ideas for kids are what parents look for to make their kids happy.

Kids love surprises and parents of course find ways to surprise them. It is great fun to give surprises and thus enjoy special time with the kids.

It is worth knowing what sort of surprises one can give a kid. Parents are always keen to know more about surprise ideas for kids.

Here are 10 Easy Surprises for Kids:

1. Surprise them with a luxury bath

Parents can give their kids a surprise bath with relaxing music. A bubble bath would be something a kid would simply love indulging in. Rose lotions can be made use of as kids love to smell good. A warm bath helps the kid to relax.

2. Surprise sleepover with a best friend

Parents can plan a surprise stay over at another friend’s place and kids would thus be able to interact with their friends. A friend’s parents can allow another friend’s child to seep over. They would be surprised and would jump and scream. They would laugh around and thus have lots of fun.

3. Announce game night

Kids love playing the game and parents can announce family games. Parents can choose interesting games that children would simply adore to play. Time will pass hilariously.

4. “Kidnap” your child from school one day

Take away the child from school on a particular day by thus giving a surprise break from school. He or she can spend time reading or playing games or drink a smoothie. It has stayed as a very memorable event with her for the longest time.

5. Hide sweet note under the pillow

Parents can hide “ I love you notes” under the pillow and the kid would simply love finding such notes under the pillow. It will be a great surprise for him or her.

Announce a child’s name say on particular day parents can celebrate a special day in the name of the child. It would be a gala celebration indeed.

6. Stuff their pockets

The would quite surprising of the pockets of the kids are stuffed with surprise items. Kids would simply love holding them. Tiny treats can be placed in pockets such as nuts and raisins. It would be nice to see a smile on their faces.

7. Surprise them with a treasure hunt for a snack

A treasure hunt for a  grilled cheese sandwich, or a smoothie or whole cake would be much of a surprise and lots of suspense and fun. Kids love playing treasure hunt.

8. With no particular occasion bake (or buy) a cake (or a cupcake)

Mothers can bake a surprise cake for the child. The kid would simply love eating the surprise cake. It could be dessert for that night. It would be like celebrating his or her birthday.

9. Make a poster on their door

Parents can think of making a posting for the kid’s room door. It could convey sentiments of love or even an interesting cartoon or a scenic picture. The kids would be surprised to see the poster on the room door.

10 Surprises for Kids Do Not Cost Much

10. Have a restaurant in your house

Why not have a restaurant in one’s room? Kids would like to eat out usually but a restaurant at home would be something very surprising. Parents could be waiters. Special dishes could be prepared something the kids would simply love to savor. This is one of the good surprise ideas for kids.


Surprises do come in all shapes as well as sizes and parents can choose the ones that they would like to indulge their kids in. it is worth treating their kids at times with surprises.

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