10 Signs of One’s Relationship Being All Wrong

10 Signs of One’s Relationship Being All Wrong

Relationships have to be worked upon and wrong relationships can lead to the breakdown of a marriage. A bad relationship causes unhappiness.

A close relationship with the right partner is important to one’s health and happiness. A partner may want the relationship to be the right match for oneself, but sometimes the initial attraction is not sufficient enough to make a lasting partnership. The wrong relationship can cause havoc in daily life.

Tension, boredom, frustration, fear, and anger are not emotions that a person needs to feel be feeling often when you have a healthy romantic partnership.

It is important to evaluate a relationship. What affects a relationship ship?

1. Feeling of contempt

Not being in love with one’s mate anymore is one thing, but feeling hatred or contempt for the person’s behavior is a very bad sign for the relationship. Bitterness, resentment, and fear are painful negative emotions. A bad relationship can damage marital ties.

2. blaming each other

The partner blames the other for several issues in the given relationship, and it is also the other way around. Both are equally responsible for blaming each other. It mars the relationship.

3. Partners are very different

Each partner has different habits. One may watch TV for a longer period of time but the other would prefer socializing with friends. Each has different interests and feels let down when the needs are not met. In fact, major personality differences can indeed lead to conflict in a relationship.

Couples have a comfortable relationship if they share similar backgrounds, culture, beliefs, education as well as economic status.

4. A partner not acting like oneself

A person does change during a relationship and it may not be for the better at times. This implies that the Relationship is on the wrong footing. No doubt ideally, it would be better if the partner changes for the better. In the case of declining in health, determination, focus, or emotional well-being, it is better to look for another partner who can provide a more fulfilling bond.

5. Losing interest

Often a partner loses interest in the other partner. He or she may stop listening thus causing a communication problem.

6. Having different goals

Often partners discuss their future and have different goals. Living arrangements are made and financial responsibilities in the relationship are shared. Discussions are held about children or even career goals. It is possible the partner may not share the same goals if he or she has changed.

7. A person may have relationship fantasies involving other people

Emotional cheating is also cheating. At times a partner may hope for a better life, even with a fictitious romantic partner, implying that one is not satisfied with the relationship.

8. Not being intimate

A partner may have stopped touching, kissing, and cuddling like before and partners may sleep apart. Sex is not interesting anymore and a person is likely to initiate anything intimate with one’s partner.

10 Signs of One’s Relationship Being All Wrong

9. Not trusting each other

Trust is essential in a relationship. At times there be a lack of trust in a relationship which can affect the feeling of togetherness. Distrust in relationships leads to accusations.

10. Not making an adequate effort

To maintain a relationship adequate efforts have to be made towards that end. Living in a rut together can lead to low satisfaction in the marriages a few years later. Boredom in a relationship can cause much unhappiness later. Efforts need to be made to improve upon a  wrong relationship.


Efforts need to be made by couples to keep a relationship exciting by doing new things together. Stagnation can lead to unhappiness and even the breakdown of the relationship. The constant effort needs to be made to keep it alive. A relationship thrives on trust.

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