10 Reasons Why No Girl Should Be Afraid To Say NO!

10 Reasons Why No Girl Should Be Afraid To Say NO!

Saying no to something is indeed a challenge as one must have the required guts to say so. Why should one be afraid of telling no to something? After all, you are the master of your time and also yourself and others trying to tell you what to do, does not appear too good at all. One must decide things for oneself and accordingly act upon it.

In a relationship, one must be on equal terms and not be dictated to. On has, self-respect and one’s individuality must not be undermined. Lead your life on your terms and conditions. One must not live for others.

1. Own your life:

Be responsible for your life. Do not allow others to control it and whenever you are in the position to say no to any attempts to infringe on your privacy or rights do so. Take a firm stand and say no.

2. No unlimited favors

One must not owe anything to another person for one’s rest of life. Why do unlimited favors? You are the master of your destiny, time and yourself. One has to live on one’s own terms and not be dictated by others on account of favors.

3. Change is the only constant

Change is inevitable and one has to move on and be tied down by somebody else’s whims and fancies. Our minds need to be expanded further and we need to grow and not be stunted in our growth by somebody else.

10 Reasons Why No Girl Should Be Afraid To Say NO!4. Happiness is your birthright

You must be master of your own happiness and not allow others to make you unhappy.

5. You’re a priority

Give yourself the top priority as you have come into this world with purpose and need to live your life on your own terms. Do not get side-tracked by another person or become the second class citizen.

6. Your USP: You!

Only you can understand yourself and what makes you happy. You have to chalk out your dreams, plans, and ideas for life.

7. Teach yourself to feel good

Learn to feel good as you are the master of yourself. You must be able to decide what is good for you and accordingly decide your actions with your boyfriend.

8. Selfish = self-love

Do not hurt somebody if you happen to love yourself. No doubt take care of yourself and to avoid mental tensions read a book and thus be ensure your well-being.

9. No Excuses

Be straightforward in relationships and avoid letting down somebody. Be clear cut in why you were unable to do something or be somewhere. It is good, to be frank about things. Be honest with others as well as to yourself.

10. Do not follow the crowd

Do not get pressurized by the peer group. Follow your own instincts and get rid of old habits and try to be about required change in yourself.

One must have a personality of one’s own rather than be cowed down by others. Even in a relationship, it is better to be on equal terms rather than be dictated. One must develop one’s own personality and be master of one’s thoughts, actions, and beliefs. It is not advisable to allow others to dictate terms. Be your natural self in a relationship and not be afraid of what the other person is expecting of you.

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