9 Ways to Make Your Baby Laugh

9 Ways to Make Your Baby Laugh

Babies are loved by all and sundry and it is indeed a pleasure to see them laugh and smile. Babies love being talked to and parents and well-wishers are often seen doing that. Adults like to try out many things and situations to make baby laugh and here are few of them:

1. Please the baby:

A baby likes to be pleased and know what more is coming for her or him to get excited or happy about rather than the parent trying to come up with unexpected things. A baby lies to be happy.

9 Ways to Make Your Baby Laugh2. Sucking his or thumb:

A baby likes to suck his or her thumb. He or she feels calm by doing so. Allow the baby to feel comfortable. The baby can be given a pacifier or can make use of his or thumb or fingers.

3 .Looking at You:

A baby likes to look at his or her parent or the person holding him or her. Let him or her do so. The baby gets much pleasure out of this.

4. Stretching exercises:

A baby loves stretching exercises. He or she likes his or her hands and legs to be stretched or likes to stretch them by her or himself.

5. Relieving of stomach ache:

Babies are developing their digestive system and do have the gas formation. One must lay the baby on one’s lap on his or her belly to get rid of stomach discomfort.

6. Get rid of diaper rash:

Dirty diapers can be irritating. One can apply zinc oxide ointment to irritated parts thus allowing the rash to heal up. The baby is happy with warm and clean as well as dry bum.

7. Holding a playful object:

By the time babies are 3 or 4 months, they like to grab things and get much pleasure in clutching an object. In order to make the baby to giggle, one holds a colorful object in front of the baby to catch his or her attention. The baby will be very happy seeing it.

8. Moving the feet:

The feet can be massaged to make the baby feel good and happy. Touch the feet gently and rub them also. Kiss the toes.

9. Bonding with your baby:

Make conversation with the baby. The baby loves it and will enjoy every moment of it. One has to try to bond with the baby and make one feel that he or she is close to the adult who is around him or her. One must be warm towards the baby.

Bridging the gap between the baby and yourself as an adult is very important to have a rapport with the child. Laughter always encourages closeness between individuals and even babies to react that way. They simply love to be smiled at and also smile back at you with lots of charm. Babies are cute that way and parents simply dot on them. Laugh with them and be happy with them and enjoy their company.

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