10 new ways to style one’s wedding lehenga

10 new ways to style one’s wedding lehenga

How can I look attractive in a lehenga is an issue several brides do face after wearing their bridal lehenga. Lehengas need to be worn in style and can be matched with another outfit like a shirt.

Every woman is very particularly conscious about her wedding ensembles. The most special ensemble happens to be the main wedding outfit. While most women generally end up wearing other outfits from their bridal trousseau, but when it comes to their wedding lehenga, they do not wear it again.

New cum stylish ways of re-using one’s wedding lehenga:

1. Change the blouse

One of the easiest ways, in order to revamp one’s wedding look, is to be able to change the blouse. It is a good idea to opt for contrasting shades. For example, the woman can try out a golden blouse with a red lehenga in order to create a new look. How can I look attractive in a lehenga is a question that arises in the bride’s mind and therefore the choice of lehenga is important.

2. Wear it with a shirt

It may sound a bit strange, but the woman can try this style as well. How can I look attractive in a lehenga can be answered thus.

The woman can wear pastel hues as well as neutral shades such as white cum beige. For an extra dressy look, a person can go for silk fabric shirts in shades such as gold, copper as well as silver to match with the lehenga. The outfit can be highlighted by having the collar decorated with a brooch or an accessory for a very festive look.

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3. Use the dupatta

There are of course several ways a woman can style just the dupatta. If she simply invested in heavy as well as long dupatta, she can experiment a lot with draping. A person can drape it with a sari or make it look glamorous with a simple Anarkali or lehenga.

10 new ways to style one’s wedding lehenga

4. Make it an Anarkali

The woman can get flared tulle removed from the lehenga and then get it stitched with her blouse. A flared Anarkali will indeed look better to carry off it than a lehenga. What matters to the woman is how can I look attractive in a lehenga. 

5. Change the dupatta

In case the woman did go in for a monochrome look or even perhaps a matching dupatta, then she can totally change the look with a new dupatta. She can also style the lehenga with two dupattas in order to create a new look.

6. Wear it with a jacket

The woman can team the old lehenga with even a long jacket. Be it a jacket blouse or perhaps a floor-length one, picking up one that suits her lehenga is what matters most.

7. Wear it with a peplum top

A modern approach to revamp the lehenga is with a stylish peplum top. Match the lehenga with a peplum in order to create a new look.

8. Lehenga sari

In order to create a new look, a person can drape it as a sari. With long dupattas, pleat it at the front to mimic one’s look.

9. Wear the blouse

In case a person has invested in heavy blouses, then a person can style the blouse with a sari and even perhaps a lehenga. The woman can go in for contrasting or matching shades.

10. Lehenga with an asymmetrical kurta

A person can also wear lehengas with kurtas as well as jackets. For a stylish look, an asymmetrical hemline can also really amp up one’s attire.

How can I look attractive in a lehenga is a question answered thus.

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