10 Amazing health benefits of herbs

10 herbs with surprising health benefits

Commonly found herbs in your kitchen can be an effective solution for common health problems. Herbs as rosemary, ginger and garlic are known healers and can help you deal with common health problems. Continue to read about health benefits of herbs.

Herbs Health Benefits

Herbs not only add calories to your food but also come with some surprising health benefits, which you might be unaware of. Below are listed some of such herbs that have immense health benefits and can be found with ease in any kitchen.

Use Rosemary for a healthy heart

Rosemary, a common herb can be used effectively for prevention of damage to blood vessels. Additionally, if you are looking for a memory booster for your kids, rosemary can do the trick for you.

A review published in Cancer Treatment Reviews states that rosemary has effective role in cancer control.

Use Parsley for hypertension control

Owing to presence of antioxidants, Vitamin A and C, Parsley is another herb that has numerous health benefits. It also controls high blood pressure effectively. Include parsley in your diet and control problem related to hypertension effectively.

Improve Gastrointestinal health with Ginger

If you are suffering from gastrointestinal problems, ginger can be an effective reliever. Cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy should also use ginger in fair quantity in their daily diet. Ginger is known as anti inflammatory properties and regular use of same can help you deal with common health problems.

Control your Blood Sugar with Cinnamon

The commonly used cinnamon is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. Those looking for an effective medicine for diabetes should include cinnamon in their daily diet plan. Cinnamon has anti- oxidant properties too.

Control Cancer with Garlic use

Known for its anti cancer property, the use of garlic is highly advised for those who suffer from this deadly disease. In addition, garlic can also be used as a flavour enhancer in common food preparations and brings taste to your food.

Stinging Nettle, an effective joint pain healer

Nettle or stinging nettle has a great role in reducing inflammation. In addition, if you are suffering from hair problems as dandruff, use of stinging nettle can help you bring vitality to the falling hair and make them glossy at the same time.

10 herbs with surprising health benefits

Cancer control with Chives

You might be unaware of the fact but the green garnish on your baked potato; chive is a rich source of Vitamin A and C. It also has a great anti oxidant property and the regular use of same in your diet makes your immune system stronger and healthier at the same time.

Cholesterol control with Coriander

Coriander controls your cholesterol level to a great extent as it has known anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. Used for flavouring of cuisine from India to Thailand, Coriander is available in every kitchen and is an effective herb.

Sinus relief with Bay Leaves

Bay leaves, another commonly found herb has a great role in reducing of inflammation and treating of life threatening conditions like arthritis. You can also spice up your dishes with bay leaves.

Improve Digestion with Dandelion

If suffering from gastrointestinal problems, use of Dandelion is highly advised. The commonly available herb is also used to deal with complications arising in the liver and can also control mild blood pressure.

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10 amazing herbs health benefits

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