10 Easy Flowers for Beginners to Grow


Gardening can entail growing easy flowers to grow indoors. Those interested in gardening as a hobby do prefer easy flowers to grow in pots in India

Try out planting easy-to-grow flowers in the garden to beautify the surroundings such as sunflowers and zinnias that are rather simple to grow from seed. Perennials require less care and return year after year.
People prefer easy flowers to grow indoors.


Zones: Annual
Colors: Yellows, browns, and mixed
Height: 3-16 feet
Blooms during summer
Attracts bees, birds, as well as butterflies
Most varieties are drought and heat tolerant
Thrives in full sun
Tolerates most soil types (except water-logged)
May require support to prevent breakage


Colors: Yellow, orange, purple, pink, white, bicolor, and more
Height: Up to 6 feet tall
Blooms for months
Is a great cut flower
Attracts pollinators cum birds
Sow seeds in spring or fall
Likes rich, well-drained soil
Tolerates drought
Plant in full sun


Colors: Shades of red, yellow, orange, pink, and white
Height: 20-24 inches tall
Blooms during summer
Attracts butterflies
Varies in shape (daisies, dahlias, spiders, poms)
Likes rich, well-drained soil
Has moderate water requirements
Grows best in full sun

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Colors: Shades of red, pink
purple, pink, and white

Height: Most 10-20 inches, varieties up to 3 feet tall
Showy, fragrant flowers (clove-scented)
Blooms from May to August
Deer resistant
Attractive evergreen green foliage
Plant in well-drained soil
Grow in full sun to light shade


Colors: Shades of yellow, gold, red, and mixed
Height: 6 inches to 3 feet tall
Blooms spring, summer, and fall
Helps repel mosquitoes
Grows quickly from seed
Prefers well-drained soil grows well in dry or sandy gardens
Water well, allow drying between watering
Should be grown in full sun


Colors: Variety
Height: 6-24 inches tall
Blooms non-stop from June until the time of frost
Attracts birds
Prefers loamy soil
Keep soil moist, but not waterlogged
Best in part or full shade


Colors: Orange, pink, white
Height: Varieties 18-60 inches tall
Helps repel mosquitoes
Blooms in spring, summer as well as fall
Grows quickly from seed
Prefers well-drained soil, grows really well in dry or sandy gardens
Water well allows drying between watering
Should be grown in full sun

Morning Glories

Zones: Annual
Colors: White, purple, pink, red, blue varieties
Height: 6 to 15 feet tall
Blooms in late summer or early fall
Readily self-sowing. It is important to be careful where it is planted.
Attracts birds as well as butterflies
Seeds are highly toxic if they are ingested
Prefer moderately fertile, well-drained soil
Water weekly during dry periods
Plant in full sun

Sweet Peas

Zones: Annual
Colors: Blue, pink, purple, red, white
Height: 3 to 8 feet tall
Highly fragrant flowers
Blooms spring through the early summer in hot climates, into fall in cooler areas
Seeds resemble edible sweet peas but are rather toxic if eaten
Prefers loamy, well-drained soil
Keep moist, water at the base
Grow in full sun
Needs a rather supportive fence or trellis


Zones: Annual
Colors: Shades of orange, red, yellow, cream
Height: Trails up to 10 feet, depending on the variety
Quick growing as well as colorful
Blooms May until September
Edible leaves as well as flowers
Needs well-drained soil
Water regularly, but don’t over-water
Plant in full sun


There are several easy flowers to grow in pots in India.

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