10 Best Natural Foods To Cure Jaundice

10 Best Natural Foods To Cure Jaundice

Jaundice or Jaundice is one of the most common liver disorders in which the levels of bilirubin in our bloodstream increase significantly due to inappropriate liver activity, which causes a yellowish discoloration of our skin. While the drug is important to curing this disease, proper dieting is even more crucial. In this post we will talk about some of the best foods, which can help you speed up your recovery and feel much better in a few weeks: Read more 10 Best Natural Foods To Cure Jaundice

Radish Juice

The juice extracted from the fresh radish and its leaves is able to rinse the additional bilirubin from our system. To prepare it, grate a large radish and squeeze its juice, boil fresh radish leaves in distilled water and pass the infusion into a clean chiffon rag. Drinking 2 to 3 glasses of this juice twice a day for 10 days will give you results much faster.

Tomato Juice

Being rich in powerful antioxidants like vitamin C, lycopene, etc., tomato can prevent and cure jaundice in adults successfully. All you need to do is make juice of 2-3 perfectly ripe tomatoes, add a pinch of black pepper and just a shot of rock salt and drink it in the morning when the stomach is empty. By practicing 10 to 12 days, you will stimulate your liver cells by eliminating excess bilirubin.

Gooseberry Juice

Like tomato juice, currant or amla juice is also a very rich source of vitamin C and other essential nutrients. It can refine liver cells by reducing toxic materials incorporating bilirubin & restoring the body’s simple functionality by rejuvenating it. Drinking fresh currant juice twice a day or consuming 2-3 grams of dried gooseberry powder in the sun can quickly reduce the symptoms of jaundice.

Lemon Juice

The ability to detoxify the lemon is widely known and it is perfect for eradicating the symptoms of jaundice. The antioxidant-rich ingredient can cleanse our entire system, including the liver and blood. Simply squeeze the juice of a fresh lemon into a glass of lukewarm water and drink it first in the morning. You can also add a little black pepper and a shot of salt.

Sugarcane Juice

When it comes to curing jaundice naturally and quickly, sugar cane juice can prove to be one of the best remedies. It is proven that consuming fresh sugar cane juice twice a day is very effective in strengthening our liver and restoring normal activities. It guarantees a rapid recovery of the disease, which can be experienced within 10 to 15 days only.

10 Best Natural Foods To Cure JaundiceWheatgrass Juice

The best thing about wheatgrass is that it can eliminate unnecessary bilirubin from our body by promoting the secretion of enzymes in our liver. Take a handful of wheatgrass, mix it with water, and carefully sprinkle the fruit juice while rejecting the pulp. Drink it daily until you get rid of all the symptoms of the disease.

Coriander Seed Water

Coriander seeds are not only a popular spice in Indian cuisine but they also have excellent cleaning properties of our liver and bloodstream toxins as well as excess bilirubin. The concoction can be prepared by dipping 2-3 tablespoons of whole cilantro seeds into 3 cups of distilled water overnight or simply boiling the seeds in half a liter of water. Stretched liquid should be consumed three times daily for at least 15 days to see visible results.

Barley Water

The diuretic properties of barley make it a super effective home remedy for jaundice. Prepare barley water by mixing 1 tablespoon of roasted barley powder with a glass of pure water. If it tastes absolutely blunt, add 1 teaspoon of organic honey, 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and a dash of salt and keep consuming 4-5 glasses every day until the symptoms start subsiding.

Basil Leaves

Some herbs such as basil may arouse ideas for jaundice. According to scientists, fresh basil leaves are extremely effective in making our lives without bilirubin and making its normal functions. Simply take 5-6 fresh leaves, crush them and consume them early in the morning to get rid of the diseases quickly.


Fruits like pineapple are also very beneficial for people with jaundice. Being a natural detoxifier, pineapple acts as a cleanser for our liver cells and eliminates any additional bilirubin out of them. Either include it in your diet or extract the juice with the help of a fruit juice.

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