10 Natural Ways To Prevent Jaundice

Natural ways to prevent jaundice

10 Natural Ways To Prevent Jaundice

Jaundice is not the disease, but a scientific symptom that indicates the presence of some underlying the medical problem. Jaundice is the yellow discoloration, which is the representation of augmented serum bilirubin. 10 Natural Ways To Prevent Jaundice.

The reason behind jaundice might vary from mild liver cell damage to the hemolysis. The only sensible thing to do is to make sure that you are treating the cause rather than the problem.

A few of the problems that cause jaundice are curable. Newborn jaundice due to ABO blood group inappropriateness can be cured by its own. At the same time, there are conditions like cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis which cause permanent and recurring jaundice.

Knowing the different reasons for jaundice is very important to take essential steps to prevent it. The major reason for the jaundice is Hepatitis infection, usually Hepatitis A.

This is usually spread through the contaminated food and water. Augmented alcohol intake, improper use of medications, surplus strain for liver cells in metabolising toxic chemicals etc. can cause serious liver problems in the long term. So, it is very important to take essential steps to prevent the jaundice.

Each time when there is an episode of jaundice, the liver is taking the brunt of it, making it weaker. There are lot of natural ways to prevent jaundice. It is better to choose natural ways to prevent jaundice as it provides complete protection and support for the liver.

10 Natural Ways To Prevent Jaundice

Given below are 10 natural ways to prevent jaundice.


Recent studies and researchers have shown that the vaccines can be used to prevent the jaundice. Many programs are conducted so that these medications reach as many people as possible.

Avoid Alcohol

Consuming the alcohol is like moving towards the slow death as this will affect the liver. Dropping alcohol intake is one of the remedies to prevent jaundice.

Healthy cholesterol

Obesity and jaundice are interconnected. Fatty foods increase the LDL levels, increasing the risk of fatty liver and liver damage.

Healthy and Balanced Diet

If you are considering how to prevent the jaundice, concentrate on a healthy and balanced diet. One of the best ways to keep the liver healthy is to make sure that you are eating healthy.

Proper Sunlight

Phototherapy is the most important treatment for jaundice, particularly newborn jaundice.

Avoid unnecessary drugs

Always take medicines with the consultation of the doctor. Liver cells will undergo an extra stressto metabolise drugs and this might result in jaundice.

Avoid certain foods

Foods like coffee, red chillies, tobacco, hot spices and tea should be avoided. While natural ways to prevent jaundice, you will require to avoid all foods that contain these elements.

Natural ways to prevent jaundiceHygiene

Personal and environmental hygiene is an another very important thing that will help you to prevent jaundice. Avoid contaminated foods and water as well.

Personal precaution

This is an very important prevention technique for jaundice. Avoid sharing plates, spoon, dress, comb etc. with a person who is affected by hepatitis.

Hand washing

Wash hands well before taking food or water. Remember this particularly after the use of public toilet. Door handles and taps of public toilet tend to carry the most disease causing agents.

The above are the 10 Natural Ways To Prevent Jaundice.

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