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Top 5 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Weight Loss

Homeopathy refers to treating any disease or ailment with a highly diluted dose of the causative agent of the disease. The drug is mixed with alcohol or water before administering to the patient. It gives promising cure for many diseases. Homeopathy offers the perfect cure for obesity as medicines are given taking into consideration every aspect of the body. It works best even for people leading a sedentary lifestyle, aged people and even for women in the stage of menopause. Here is a list of top natural homeopathic remedies for a surprising weight loss.

Top 5 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Weight Loss

Top 5 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Weight Loss
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Calcarea Carbonica

This is the most commonly used homeopathic medicine for weight loss. It is used in patients suffering with accumulation of fat in the abdominal region and slow rate of metabolism that causes weight gain. Symptoms reported by the patient have to be studied by the physician carefully before prescribing this medicine. Calcarea Carbonica is apt for patients complaining of profuse perspiration, intolerance to cold air, and unusual eating habits such as craving for abnormal things such as lime, pencils, chalk and clay. They also suffer with constipation due to slow rate of metabolism. Few patients even complain of flatulence, acid reflux and bloating. People suffering with obesity due to hypothyroidism are also good candidates for this medicine.

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Natrum Mur

This homeopathic medicine is recommended for obese patients with fat accumulation in the region of the buttocks and thighs compared to other body parts. Other symptoms that make the patient perfect for this medicine include intolerance to heat, depression, craving for salt or salted foods, anemia, and excess heat in the body. These patients generally tend to weep easily that increases further when consoled.

Top 5 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Weight Loss


Lycopodium is also given for patients complaining of fat accumulation in the thighs and buttocks region. Other complaints reported by the patient include gastric inconvenience due to constipation and bloating, craving for sweets, hot drinks and beverages, extensive eating beyond their normal eating capacity, and increased weight. The patient also shows impatience and gets angry, very easily, especially when someone tries to contradict them. As lycopodium and natrum mur are right for patients with fat accumulation in buttocks and thighs, it is essential for the physician to observe other symptoms carefully and decide on the right medicine.

Nux Vomica

It is right for candidates who gained excess weight due to sedentary life style. Symptoms complained by patients include a high degree of constipation, intolerance to cold air, poor eating habits, craving for spicy and fatty food and hot drinks such as coffee. They even love to have alcoholic drinks. The degree of constipation in these patients is so high that the individual has the urge to pass stools but often remains unsuccessful. Other major symptoms observed in patients that are the right candidates for Nux Vomica are extreme sensitivity and anger.

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Antimonium Crudum

Antimonium Crudum is recommended for obese children. The symptoms expressed by children include high irritability, contradictive nature, poor digestion, avoidance of bathing with cold water, and craving for spicy pickles. The tongue of the child is also seen coated with whitish material and frequently complains of constipation and diarrhea due to uncontrolled eating. Taking this drug helps to improve patients’ mood, promote metabolism and improve errors of digestion.

For a successful weight loss, it is recommended for the patients to lead an active lifestyle and have controlled diet. Active life style helps promote metabolism and hence assists in losing weight. Well balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates helps nourish the body and give the needed energy. It is always recommended to use homeopathic medicines for weight loss only under the guidance of an experienced physician.

The above are the Top 5 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Weight Loss.

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