8 Facts cum Benefits about Chaga Mushrooms you must know

8 Facts cum Benefits about Chaga Mushrooms you must know

About Chaga Mushrooms

Mushroom is referred to as Inonotus Obliquus or is rather more popularly known as the Chaga Mushroom. Mushrooms are quite beneficial for one’s health.

#1: Chaga Mushroom Is An Immune System Optimizer.

As an adaptogen, Chaga does balance one’s immune response and also maintain optimal homeostasis. It can also slow one’s bodies’ autoimmune responses down when it is overactive and also heightens its functioning when otherwise. In other words, Chaga does educate one’s immune system and does balance it. In this present modern society of our where autoimmune disorders that are commonly caused by stress, are a common health issue, this immune tonic herb is indeed of much benefit.

#2: Chaga Is The Most Powerful Immune System-Boosting Antioxidant In The Entire Mushroom Kingdom.

Chaga contains antioxidants. The mushroom’s polysaccharides, beta glucans, and betulinic acid do detoxify blood as well as liver. They also do stimulate stem cells. Furthermore, they do reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, along with some other degenerative diseases. If you want to get antioxidants naturally to body then go through.

#3: Chaga Mushroom Has Beauty Enhancing Properties.

The black outer layer of Chaga does contain melanin. Melanin is no doubt a powerful anti-oxidant that has a strong gene-protective effect on one’s body. This does make Chaga a powerful anti-aging tool. It not only protects but revitalize and regenerates one’s skin as well as hair. It does beautify and enhances their latent properties. The same compound does benefit the eyes, brain neurons, and other body organs.

8 Facts cum Benefits about Chaga Mushrooms you must know#4: Chaga Mushroom Ameliorates Cancer Treatments And Is A Potential Cure For The Disease.

Chaga has the ability to balance as well as optimize the immune system. When undergoing aggressive cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, a patient can suffer from fatigue, headache, poor appetite, stomach pain, and other effects of a compromised immune system. Chaga does neutralize the immune system which can also greatly alleviate the pain, inflammation, and other side effects of the medication.

Chaga can indeed potentially cure cancer. Health experts are of the view that the betulinic acid and phytosterols present in Chaga does have the ability to kill cancer cells directly.

#5: Health Experts Claim Chaga Is One of the Strongest Anti-Tumor Mushrooms.

This fungus’ betulinic acid and anti-tumor compound do target tumor cells based on their pH level. Tumors’ pH level is generally lower compared to normal tissues, and the fungus only activates at those low levels.

#6: Chaga Mushroom Normalizes Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Levels.

The betulinic acid which one finds in Chaga is indeed known to have the ability to break down bad cholesterol and support the increase of good cholesterol in one’s bloodstream. The mushroom’s polysaccharides do maintain normal cholesterol levels, thus eventually resulting in a lower high blood sugar level and a healthier cardiovascular system.

#7: Chaga Is A Natural Anti-Inflammatory Remedy.

Inflammation does occur when the body’s immune system does attack healthy tissues. Needless to say, it is an autoimmune disorder. Such a condition can result in many chronic ailments that include hepatitis, ulcer, asthma, dermatitis, and Parkinson’s disease. What Chaga does is simple—the fungus inhibits the production of a higher number of cytokines which is a prime culprit for inflammation. The betulinic acid, inotodial, and ergosterol peroxide compounds of Chaga, inflammation is indeed reduced or cured in one’s body.

#8: Chaga Can Be Made Into A Tea, Coffee, Tincture, Or Used As An Ingredient In One’s Favorite Food.

To get the maximum benefit from Chaga mushroom, it is indeed best to boil it oneself and add it to tea or coffee. It is liked for its bitter taste. It takes rather few weeks or even months to tincture Chaga into vodka. One can powder Chaga and add it to cakes or cookies. It is a healthy diet.

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