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Three amazing Herbal tonics to treat Fatigue

Fatigue is the common symptom of tiredness that might differ from one person to another. One might sleep for about eight hours & wake up almost as tired as while they went to bed. Another can find it so hard to get to sleep or stay asleep that they just sleep for a few hours at night. If insomnia causes your fatigue, you can dedicate some time to making your bedroom more favorable to sleep. Create the calm & pleasant atmosphere also use the bedroom only for sleeping purpose. Do not read or watch TV in the bedroom. It is a good plan to refrain from consuming or drinking coffee or alcoholic beverages for 4 hours before the bedtime. It is not desirable to do any exercise for at least couple hours before the bedtime. Try to set the daily time to go to bed each night. Below are Three amazing herbal tonics to treat Fatigue.

If you lie sleepless for more than thirty minutes, get up & have the glass of warm milk or chamomile tea. Take the Luke warm bath fragrance with lavender to provoke sleep.

Herbal tonics to treat FatigueSip chamomile tea early morning:

If you are ready to sleep but wake up tired, do not approach for coffee and the sweet roll or doughnut early morning. Have the cup of herbal tea made with the astragalus root, Siberian ginseng root, & licorice root and have a low-fat and high protein breakfast. At coffee break time, sip a cup of green tea with the ginger root & a piece of cheese & some fruit instead of coffee and anything sweet.

Take a cup of Herbal tea:

Moderate exercise can relieve symptoms of tired or fatigue. If you lead to feeling sleepy after having lunch, try having a low-fat & high protein meal with lots of fruit & vegetables. After lunch take the short walk outside rather than eating dessert. You might surprise to see yourself feeling less fatigue & more energy.

Eat more fruits and vegetables:

Constant chronic exhaustion when the diet is healthy, you get sufficient sleep, & you are not remarkably stressed might indicate an underlying medical condition that should discuss with the doctor. If you are under the stress, your energy level might be assumed temporarily.

Caution: Please follow the above given herbal remedies after correct Research & Guidance. You believe that you are following any directions at your risk and will correctly research or consult your healthcare professional.

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