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These 6 Foods Can Worsen Thyroid problem

These 6 Foods Can Worsen Thyroid problem

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Thyroid is the hormone producing gland located in middle of the neck. Thyroid gland produces an very important hormone called thyroxin. It controls the body’s temperature, maintains proper weight & metabolism, heart rate, & production of energy. Its best possible function is very important for the overall health & well-being.

There are some foods to be avoided in the hypothyroidism that we would discuss today. Hypothyroidism- under active thyroid gland means when thyroid hormone is produced in less amounts by the thyroid gland than required by the body.

Hypothyroid is most common among women. In pregnant women, it can be the cause of miscarriage or weak brain in the new born babies. It is symptoms include the weight gain, exhaustion, depression, dry skin & hair, mood swings, unequal periods or women, puffy face, headache, dizziness, forgetfulness, cold hand & feet, hot flashes, felling of tremendous cold or heat in winters & summers respectively.

These 6 Foods Can Worsen Thyroid problemIf you are diagnosed with the hypothyroid, then you have to cautious with the diet you have. Apart from having medication you required to follow a diet chart showing the list foods to avoid with thyroid issues.

Here are some foods that should be avoided in hypothyroidism. Have a look at list of foods to avoid if hypothyroid is diagnosed.

Wheat, Rye & Barley : Containing Gluten

Foods to avoid with thyroid issue include the foods having gluten. If you are going to purchase the bread, check whether it is free of gluten. It is found in the foods such as wheat, rye & barley and other grains. Many of the people are allergic to gluten & if you are suffering from hypothyroid then it might reduce the absorption of the thyroid medication.

Fast Foods

They contain bad fats & they reduce the thyroid glands ability to produce the thyroxin hormone. Limit the amount of fried & processed foods. They also reduce the action of the thyroid medications.

Mayonnaise And Butter

These are one of the thyroid reducing foods you should avoid. Fatty foods such as butter, mayonnaise & animal fats should be avoided as they also lessen the amount of thyroid hormone produced by thyroid gland

Soy And Millet

It is rich in the plant hormone called phytoestrogen. A research has shown that high level of estrogen can reduce the ability of thyroid gland to produce thyroxin. So, it is not the good choice for those diagnosed with hypothyroidism. If you still want to have it, take it in moderate amounts.

Sweet Potato And Corn

Foods such as corn, flax, lima beans, sweet potato contain sulphur. These vegetables stop the uptake of iodine by the thyroid gland. Iodine is necessary for the synthesis of the thyroxin hormone.

Excess Fiber

Intake of surplus fiber found in foods such as legumes, whole grains, fruits & vegetables can interfere with the thyroid medications that you are taking in the digestive system. Limit the amount of fiber in your diet but do not avoid it completely as it is also very important for your health.

Coffee & Energy Drinks

It is found in coffee, energy drinks & soft drinks. Caffeine reduces the action of thyroid medication in the body by decreasing its absorption from the digestive system. Avoid coffee in morning & that too with the thyroid medication.


It has a terrible effect on the thyroid gland. It reduces the ability of thyroid gland to produce the thyroxin hormone & also decreases the utilisation of the thyroid hormone by the body.

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