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Tame Your Eyebrows Without Plucking

Tame Your Eyebrows Without Plucking

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Ladies, it is time to stop that the painful plucking & head to natural ways of taming the eyebrows. We have a ton of plans you can look into if you hate waxing out the brows twice in a month. These helpful tips that also tame the brows & give it a natural, appealing look. Models normally use these ways to overcome their eyebrows without plucking it. The first idea you should do before you take the look at these tips is to buy an eyebrow brush.Tame Your Eyebrows Without Plucking

It manages to get eyebrows look thicker & in place. Here are some of  other things you should keep in mind if you want to tame your eyebrows without the plucking it, take a look on Tame Your Eyebrows Without Plucking:

The Brush –

Use the eyebrow brush to clean the hair straight over the brows. By using an eyebrow brush, one can also shape the brow therefore to the face shape too.

Lip Gloss –

One of the best methods to tame the eyebrows without plucking it is to use the lip gloss over the brow hair. All you require to do is run it over the brows to retain it in place the whole day. It is best to use the gloss that is not shiny & greasy too.

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