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Remedies And Causes of Red Eyes

Remedies And Causes of Red Eyes

There are many home remedies to treat the red eyes, but before adopting a method, it is very important to know the cause of red eye. A red eye, which appears bloodshot or has separate red visible arteries, can be caused by the various reasons. As some might be serious and call for medical attention, some can be easily treated at home.

Here are some Remedies And Causes of red eyes. Depending upon the causes, we will further discuss the ways to treat the red eyes.


Frequently known as the pink eye, conjunctivitis is caused due to an infection. It is infectious and can spread on the touch. The eyes get swollen and the cornea appears a pinkish red. An eye specialist will recommend you eye drops to cure this condition.

Dry Eye Syndrome:

This happens when the eyes go dry & are unable to produce tears on their own. This might cause redness in the eye and also irritation. Prescription eye drops can help to cure this condition.


A sty is the small hit that develops on the eyelids. It causes much irritation and might also turn the eye a bloodshot red.

Computer exposure:

There is no getting away from the computer these days and therefore the troubles related to it. Over exposure to the computer screen also results in the red eyes. There are a variety of home remedies to treat red eyes in this situation.

Contact lenses:

Improper use of the contact lenses, wearing them for comprehensive hours can be the reason for red eyes. Once again, home remedies work well here.


A lifestyle cause of the red eyes. Stress and tiredness are becoming a part of every day life and so are red and tired eyes. Making changes in the lifestyle and adopting certain ways to treat red eyes can help to relieve conditions.

Eye bath:

The simplest & easiest thing to do in case of tired red eyes is to give them the good bath. Not the whole body but only the eyes. You can splash cold water in the eyes to cool them or you can fill water in cup of the hand and open the eye in it to let it feel the coolness.

Cucumber cooler:

Cucumber on the eyes is a very common eye pack to ease eyes. Cut cucumber slices, cool them in the fridge and place them on the eyes. The coolness of the cucumber will bring relief to red eyes. You can also annoy the cucumber, extract its juice, soak up the juice in cotton pads and place the cotton on the eyes.

Remedies And Causes of red eyesPotato pack:

Potato, like cucumber, happens to one of the effectual means to treat the red eyes. Make a ball of the grated potato, flatten & place on eyes. You will get a very soothing effect. You can also soak cotton in grated potato juice and place on eyes.

Rosewater recovery:

Rosewater is an age-old ingredient in the eye care. 2 to 3 drops of rosewater in each eye can be very relieving & relaxing.

Honey healer:

Honey, Yes, it is true. Mix equal amounts of honey & distilled water to make an outstanding eye drop. In case of infection, administer 2 to 3 drops of the solution in each eye 2 to 3 times a day till the eyes clear up.
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