10 amazing Things That ruin Teeth

Amazing things that ruin teeth

10 amazing Things That ruin Teeth

Dentists have become slightly over priced now a days and we cannot hold responsible them. The best way to avoid the dentist trip is to simply find the natural ways to look after our lustrous white teeth. Avoiding some foods that blemish the teeth and drinks that make them decayed is a start in looking after the teeth. Apart from these 2 main elements which cause harm, there are a variety of other things that might destroy your teeth.

Experts state that the most of the time the one mistake which brings undoing to our teeth is not brushing it well. Using the hard tooth brush causes our gums to bleed and in turn brings on a variety of types of oral diseases too. By lessening the mistakes that ruin our teeth, we are sure to have less dentist visits. Here are some of the amazing things that ruin teeth, take a look at how you can improve the oral care.


Most of us are fond of picking the teeth with a toothpick. These picks are accessible in different sizes and flavours. But, did you know these toothpicks cause scratch of the teeth which guides to gum disease. This is one of the mistakes we make that only destroys our teeth.


If you floss the teeth after a meal, it is a good habit. If you dont, its better you start. Flossing the teeth helps to remove the food particles which are stuck in between teeth that the brush cannot reach.

Clean the Tongue

It is also very important to use a tongue cleaner or the brush to scratch off the dirt from the tongue. If you make the mistake of avoiding to clean the tongue it will ultimately cause the bad breath.


Most of us avoid gargling our mouth after the meal. This is one of the things that ruins your teeth. When you gargle and wash your mouth, the food particles are released thus prevent any dental cavities. It also helps to keep gum disease at bay.


Cavities are common so there is no need to panic. Although, if you have noticed a small cavity in the teeth never ignore it. Visit the dentist to get it cleaned and filled in. Avoid this mistake and the teeth would not be destroyed.

Dental Visits

As mentioned earlier, dentist visits are costly, but it is very important to visit the doctor at least once, every 6 months to get rid of accumulated plaque and check for cavities.

 Using rough Toothpastes Or Tooth Powders

Using toothpastes and tooth powders that are rough for white, shiny teeth is another mistake could be making. As they can make the teeth look brighter, they might also cause harm in the long run by damaging the tooth enamel.

Amazing things that ruin teethPick The Right Toothbrush

Is the toothbrush head stretched out with hard bristles? If yes, replace it immediately for these kind of brushes are not good for the teeth and gums. It is best to use a small head and soft bristles brush to help clean and keep your teeth healthy.

After Dinner

How many of you strictly follow to brush the teeth at night after a meal? Experts state that food particles get stuck in the teeth and the bacteria in mouth convert the sugars in the food to sugar acids. When you make the mistake of ignoring to brush, the sugar acids attack the enamel of the teeth and causing the yellow shade on the pearly white.


Did you know that a single toilet flush can spread bacteria over 10 feet away onto the toothbrush. This is one of the worst things that destroy the teeth. It is best to keep the brush outside your bathroom, or flush with the toilet lid closed.

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