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Negative Effects Of Anger On Health

Negative Effects Of Anger On Health

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Anger is critical; not just because it causes the violence but because it slowly kills person who is angry. All of us do get angry at some point in the life but the fact is: it can seriously damage the health.

Every time you are angry, your body might activate certain biological responses which will affect the system seriously in the long run.

Imagine that you are upset with someone. You are angry. You shout or scream or try to expel it out. At that scrupulous moment, do you know what happens inside the body? Your muscles get tensed up. The digestive system bring to an end for the moment. Your brain chemistry gets changed. And a whole set of other changes in body occur till you are normal. These changes are poisonous.

The significance of these changes could be serious medical conditions in long run. Remember the fact that you heart can be victimized in the whole process.

Managing anger & reducing stress levels are important for the healthy life. Now, let us discuss about the negative effects of anger on health.

Negative effects of anger on healthHeadaches

When you are angry you may suffer the severe headache. Yes anger stresses you out & causes a headache too.


It is quite common to suffer insomnia if you undergo anger. Your body’s hormonal levels change & your thoughts race in the head without leasing you sleep.


Of course, anxiety is a by-product of anger. Cortisol levels can be blamed for this.

Digestive problems

The main reason behind the digestive problems is this: The body almost pauses certain activities for a few moments when you are undergoing a fit of anger.

Skin problems

A study revealed that some skin problems can be linked to a person’s anger. Anger stresses you out & that would compromise the immunity. This is reason sufficient for bad skin.

High BP

Your heart starts racing in order to pump the blood to all parts of the body. This tension causes high BP in the long run.


A recent study exposed that the people who lean to get angry every now & then might suffer depression in the long run.

Heart Attack

Do you know the fact that many people suffered heart attack when they were angry? Well, controlling your anger is safer for your heart.

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