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Try the jeera-banana combination for weight loss

Try the jeera-banana combination for weight loss

Losing weight can be discouraging task. And if you have been hoping to lose those extra pounds but have not been able to, then here is the simple home remedy that can help to jeera or cumin seeds and banana.

How does jeera and banana help in the weight loss?

Both jeera and banana have calmative properties that help to increase the digestion, beat indigestion, help to get rid of waste from the walls of the intestines and speeds the up metabolism. According to Ayurveda, jeera also helps to burn the fat off a stomach and banana calms and soothes the inner walls of the digestive tract also healing the stomach ulcers. All these actions on the digestive system help you to lose weight.

Tip to use:

The best variety of banana to use for this remedy is yellow banana. To use this remedy, dry roast and powder some of the  jeera. Now add ½  banana to a bowl and mash it well using the spoon. To this, add a spoon of jeera powder and mix well. For effective weight loss have two spoons of this mixture on a regular basis.

A word of caution: This is home remedy and will not show immediate results. Also, please do not use this in place of the medical advice. Do consult the doctor before trying any of these home remedies.
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 Try the jeera-banana combination for weight loss

Try the jeera-banana combination for weight loss

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