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How to Protect your kidneys and Kidney Health Tips

Kidneys are bean shaped organs which carry out a lot of regulatory functions in our body. Most importantly, they play an important role in the urinary system. The kidneys regulate electrolytes, regulate blood pressure, maintain acid-base balance and the list goes on. Healthy kidneys are very important for a great health, thus protecting your kidney is essential for protecting your overall health. Below described regarding How to Protect your kidneys and Kidney Health Tips.

Take a look at the following Kidney health tips and adapt them in your daily life to avoiding various kidney diseases and have well functioning and healthy kidneys.

How to Protect your kidneys and Kidney Health Tips

How to Protect your kidneys and Kidney Health Tips

Reduce the intake of salt

  • It is always a better idea to avoid as much salt as possible as it is the reason for a handful of diseases.
  • High salt diet alters sodium balance in the body, leads to water retention leading to increased blood pressure, hence causing stress to the kidneys.
  • Salt also leads to the formation of kidney stones.
  • Reducing salt intake helps in protecting your kidney

Do not eat lots of protein

  • Eating a high protein diet often increases the workload on your kidneys and leads to a breakdown in its filtration process.
  • High protein diet builds up more blood urea nitrogen in your blood, hence increasing the burden on your kidneys.
  • Limit your protein intake to protect your kidneys from its ill effects.

Manage your health conditions well

  • If you are suffering from other illnesses like diabetes, high BP and heart diseases, you should manage them well because mismanaging these can also result in kidney diseases
  • Control your cholesterol-sugar and BP levels by following a healthy diet pattern and thereby maintain your kidney health

Do not ignore your small health problems which prolong over more than the normal time limit

  • Common problems like cough and cold, sore throat, tonsillitis and pharyngitis, if not treated at the right time, can trigger kidney damage.
  1. Avoid self medication and Long term use of over the counter medications. Also, do not take herbal medicines and other supplements without the guidance of a doctor.
  2. Keep yourselves hydrated and do not resist the urge to urinate.
  3. Avoid alcohol, soda and smoking
  4. Manage your diet. Exercise daily
  5. Go for a annual Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) test.

Symptoms of Kidney Disease

If you experience one or more of the following symptoms, contact your healthcare provider immediately and get yourself checked for the presence of any kidney problem.

  1. Difficulty in Urination
  2. Blood in Urine
  3. Change in your urinary function – i.e. the change in how frequently you urinate.
  4. Swelling of hands, feet and ankles
  5. Itching and Skin rashes
  6. Fatigue and weakness
  7. Pain in the back or sides
  8. Nausea and shortness of breath
  9. Metallic taste in your breath
  10. Feeling cold often
  11. Lack of concentration and dizziness

Foods for kidney health

Great foods for good kidney health include: Onions, Garlic, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Apples, Strawberries, Egg whites, Fish, Olive Oil

Following these Kidney health tips along with maintaining a proper diet, regular exercising and timely checkups can protect your kidney and also retains good kidney functioning as you age.

The above the details How to Protect your kidneys and Kidney Health Tips.

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