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How To Prevent Pimples On Head

Pimples on the scalp can cause lots of trouble; even combing hair & washing it may get difficult when pimples on scalp cause pain. Also, when there is an outbreak, rinsing the hair can also be the painful experience.

How To Prevent Pimples On Head

So, how to prevent pimples on the head? Well, one important feature is cleanliness of the scalp. Sometimes, head acne can cause extreme itchiness, irritation, swelling & even pain.

What causes pimples on the head? Well, the skin contains pores. The oil glands release sebum to protect skin. Without the natural oils, the skin may turn extremely dry. When the pores are blocked due to dirt or dead cells, bacteria starts infecting the skin. This might cause inflammation too.

This might further cause itching sensation, redness, swelling & pus release. So, the key is to keep your scalp clean & hygienic. Have a glance on how to prevent pimples on head.

Rinse the Scalp

Make it a point to keep the scalp clean all the time. For this, you may have to keep washing your hair on a daily basis. But make sure that you do not end up making the scalp too dry.

Use Vinegar

Mix the teaspoon of vinegar in a attack full of water. Soon after the head bath, you can use this water to clean the hair. This step can reduce the bacteria on the scalp and works as an effective head acne treatment.

Change The Products

It is better to change the current hair care products that you are using. Consult the dermatologist to set down products that suit you.

How to prevent pimples on headNo Perfumed Products

Stay away from the hair care products that contain fragrances & harsh chemicals.

Get Rid Of Dandruff

Sometimes, dandruff could be the reason behind the pimples on the head. If that is the case, then using a dandruff shampoo might help control the acne.

Eat Healthy

Consume healthy natural foods as they too play a role in the maintenance of a healthy scalp. This may help in preventing pimples on your head.

Don’t smother the Scalp

It is better to avoid wearing caps or hats as they tend to lock the moisture on your scalp. Allow your scalp to breathe in some air.

Do not Scratch

Avoid the attraction to scratch the scalp. This aggravates the pimples on your head. Also, it may aggravate the breakout.

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