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Homemade remedies for Backache

Backache is common health problem among the middle aged and elder people, but at the same times young people also suffer from it. Read about Homemade remedies for Backache.

Homemade remedies for Backache

Homemade remedies for Backache

Some of the symptoms of the backache are pain in back or around the hips, condensed flexibility of the spine cause difficulty sleeping.

Backache can occur for many of reasons such as the muscle tension, improper diet, and due to lack of physical activity, excessive physical labour, arthritis, poor sitting posture & pregnancy.

A backache can make it difficult to carry out day to day or regular activities. Natural treatments or homemade remedies can provide quick relief from the backache pain and allow enjoying the life again.

Here are the top six homemade remedies for backache.


  • Ginger, which is used to cure the vomiting, can also be used in treatment of back ache. The anti-inflammatory compounds in the ginger can give relief from a backache.
  • Apply some ginger paste on an affected area, followed by eucalyptus oil.
  • Cut ginger into thin slices of fresh ginger root and put them in the pan of boiling water. Simmer and boil it on a low heat for 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Allow this mixture to cool at room temperature and strain it.
  • Add honey to that mixture & then drink it. You can drink this ginger tea 2 to 3 times a day for few days or until can observe improvement.
  • Also we can make an herbal tea with ½ teaspoon of black pepper corns, ½ teaspoon of cloves and 1 teaspoon of ginger powder.

Basil Leaves

  • Basil leaves can also come to free when suffering from the backache.
  • Add eight to ten basil leaves to 1 cup of water and boil it until the water evaporates to half.
  • Let it cool at room temperature and then add pinch of salt.
  • For mild pain, drink this mixture once daily, for severe pain, drink it twice daily.

Poppy Seeds

  • Poppy seeds work surprise as homemade remedy of a backache.
  • Grind together 100 gm of poppy seeds and rock candy.
  • Consume 2 teaspoons of this mixture twice daily, followed by glass of milk.

Herbal Oil

Massaging the back with herbal oil can help the muscles to relax and relieve from pain. We can use any herbal oil such as almond oil, olive oil, eucalyptus oil, or coconut oil. Heat the oil until warm and massage it gently over aching area.


  • Garlic is another homemade remedy that can help to treat a backache. Simply eat 2 to 3 cloves of garlic every morning on an empty stomach. You can also massage the back with garlic oil.
  • To make garlic oil, heat some of the coconut oil, mustard oil or sesame oil on low flame and then add 8 -10 pods of garlic to it. Fry the garlic until it turns to brown. Strain the oil and let it cool at room temperature.
  • Massage the back gently with the oil. Leave it on for some time and then take bath in warm water.


  • Wheat has complexes that produce a pain reliever effect that can help to minimize the backache.
  • Soak handful of wheat in water overnight.
  • In the early morning, mix in cuscus grass with coriander. Then add 1 cup of milk & boil it for few minutes until it thickens.
  • To see better improvement from backache drink the mixture twice a daily.

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Homemade remedies for Backache

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