Princess Charlene Of Monaco Beauty, Fitness And Makeup Secrets

princess charlene of monaco

Her Clear Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco, wife of Prince Albert II is admired by all for her elegant fashion style. She has the most athletic, fit and well-toned body amongst the princesses of all the Royal Courts. Adapting her style from base Bulawayo-born beach babe to appropriately attired royal consort and poised princess with an evolving sense of style is praiseworthy.

princess charlene of monaco

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Beauty, Makeup And Fitness Secrets Of Princess Charlene Of Monaco:

Beauty and Fitness Secrets of Charlene Of Monaco is really amazing. Let us reveal those secrets, which work this Princess such a simple and down to earth, yet a ravishing beauty.

Fitness Secrets:

Swimming, from initial childhood, is hush-hush of the fit and healthy figure of this beauty. She is a former competitive swimmer who has won numerous championships and represented South Africa at the 2000 Olympic Games. She does regular workouts, which include bodybuilding, cardio, and stretching. In anticipation of the wedding day and perpetual camera face, like the first lady of Monaco, she had to cut bodybuilding and improved her stretching time to give her body a leaner line.

The other sports that Charlene works on Trekking and surfing. These two sports are healthy for body and mind. All of these activities have given Charlene strong back muscles, and those who have talked a lot about wide shoulders are simply the envy of everyone.

Diet Secrets:

Surprisingly, Charlene is vegetarian and follows a rich, nutritious and healthy diet that helps her stay in shape and keeps diseases at bay. She has a penchant for vegetables, so much so that her wedding menu had presented and used only vegetables grown on the Grimaldi farm in Rocagel, as reported by French chef Alain Duchess.

 Fashion and Beauty Secrets:

Princess Charlene of Monaco

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Charlene of Monaco especially supports the monochrome appearance and rarely adorns jewelry and accessories, with the exception of the beautiful and flying earrings of today. Donning some jewelry from time to time would definitely improve the look. Even without them, it is elegant. HSH Princess Charlene patronizes designers Akris and Armani. Her wedding dress was also by Armani. She also brought Louis Vuitton to Monaco.

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Charlene of Monaco Makeup Secrets:

Princess Charlene of Monaco

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Charlene makeup is something special and exceptional. She knows how to go from a classic chic style with a makeup of light eyes and shiny lips to younger and retro styles, with cat eyes and pink lips. She focuses primarily on eye makeup, improving the beauty of her emerald eyes. Charlene applies brands like Kiehl and Dolce & Gabbana.

It also uses superb cream, perfect BB cream, super eye cream, super serum, and perfect neck cream by 3LAB.

We were all going to agree that we are so jealous of the way she looks, so wow all the time. With makeup or without, it always creates oomph. But then she’s a princess, so it’s not like we can make a serious comparison!

Princess Charlene here only concentrated on her eyes using the black eyeliner. To balance the smoky eyes and soften her lips, Charlene used a naked lipstick.

Charlene at Paris Fashion Week attended the Louis Vuitton exhibition. Minimal makeup and a bold cat eye, proving that a small feature is really all it takes to glam up the look.


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