Top five best exercises for flat abs

5 Best Exercises for Six-pack Abs

Who does not dream of getting that washboard abs like Hrithik Roshan, John Abraham, and Lara Dutta. But if is currently sporting pot belly wishing for those packs might seem an impossible. Read about Top five best exercises for flat abs.

Top five best exercises for flat abs

Top five best exercises for flat abs

Top five best exercises for flat abs

Though, there are sure exercises that target the upper & lower abdominal muscles and an external oblique’s helping to burn fat from the belly.

Try these top five exercises to burn that belly right off.

Abdominal crunch

Top five best exercises for flat absThe abdominal crunch is one of the best exercises to get flat abs and is similar to an exercises many people would do in their childhood the sit – ups. The difference is that at the time of doing a sit up raise the entire back, during an abdominal crunch only raise the shoulder and keep the lower back on the ground. This movement helps to target the abdomen area without putting pressure on the hips or lower back.

How to do: Lie down flat on the back on floor. Bend the knees. For some variation, can also keep the legs on an exercise ball or bench. Put the arms around the chest or behind the head. Now raise the head till the shoulder blades are 2 to 3 inches off the ground. Make sure the lower back is not raised. Repeat for 15-20 times and try and do 3 sets. If you find it is too easy, try doing it on a refused bench or by adding a weight to the chest.

Leg raise

Top five best exercises for flat absThe leg raise is another no frills floor exercises that is great for the abdomen and obliques.

How to do: Simply lie down flat on the back and bend the knees. Slowly lift up the legs from the hips and bring the knees level with the chest while keeping the soles upward. Bring the leg back to the starting position but keep in mind that it should not touch the floor. Repeat this movement twenty times and do 3 sets.


Top five best exercises for flat absThe plank is one of the most admired exercises for core conditioning and it will help to build confrontation in the abdominal area. The great thing is it needs no additional equipment except for the bodyweight.

How to do: Get down in a flat position on floor similar to the way you had do for push-up. Instead of the palms, use the forearms to support the weight. Make certain arms are bent below the shoulders. Keep the back straight and hold this position as long as possible. Try and do at least 3 sets of thirty seconds each.

Wood chop

Top five best exercises for flat absThis exercise named after the movement of woodcutters make to chop the wood, this exercises works the abs, shoulders and oblique’s. It can be done using the dumbbell, the cable winch machine or medicine ball.

How to do: We would explain how to do this exercise with medicine ball though the form & movement remains the same irrespective of equipment are using.

Stand straight while holding medicine ball. Keep the legs straight and feet hip width apart. Twist from the waist towards the left with the arms overhead. Hold the ball over the head diagonally upright on left, twist the torso towards the right and lower the arms in diagonal fashion across the body and bring it down towards the right foot. You should bend the knees while doing so. Reverse the movement to get back to a starting position for one complete rep. Perform at least fifteen reps on one side and then switch sides. Repeat this movement on both sides for at least 3 sets.

Hanging leg raise

Top five best exercises for flat absThe hanging leg raise is another popular exercise for the abs. It is usually done by holding a pull up bar or using the abs straps.

How to do: Get up on the stool and hold the pull-up bar.

If find it difficult to grip the pull up bar properly and balance the bodyweight, use the abs straps. After hang up yourself, slowly raise the knee until they are perpendicular to the ground and then straighten the legs. This entire movement is one rep. Repeat for 15 to 20 times and do 3 sets.

Bonus tip: Cardio and Diet

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One thing that you have to keep in mind is that no amounts of abdomen exercises will help to get flat abs unless get rid of fat that is deposited around that area. The only proper way to do this is to follow balanced, healthy diet and abundant amounts of cardio. Follow the above tips and get those dream washboard abs you have always wanted.

Top five best exercises for flat abs

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